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Greetings and welcome to the Head 2 Head Scenario Testing Area of The Blitzkrieg War Gaming Club.

The Purpose of H2H Scenario Testing Area is to play test and critique scenarios created by members of the Blitz. The Blitz has many ladders and this section exists to provide support to scenario designers across the wide spectrum of games supported at The Blitz. A completed, tested and balanced scenario ultimately helps the community by adding to the list of available, challenging and entertaining scenarios.

The H2H Scenario Testing Area allows scenario designers and play testers to come together to approve new scenarios. Scenario designers can post their new scenarios here and players can help test these scenarios in beta form, assisting the designers by providing feedback in the form of test reports. Testers gain bonus ladder points for play testing scenarios and reporting on the game. Once a scenario attains the required score to become approved and is moved to the approved list the designer also receives bonus ladder points.

All scenarios which have successfully completed testing will be listed on the appropriate game's ladder and can be reported. Downloading the games is done through the Approved Scenarios link below.

Only scenarios found to be worthy achieve the Blitz H2H Approved status.

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If you have a problem please consult the FAQ pages. If the FAQ pages don't answer your problem then please contact the H2H Commander for your forum.

Each ladder also has a H2H Custodian, these are listed below:
Custodian Ladder
Scud Campaign Series
Scud Campaign Series x2
raz_atoth Campaign Series x2
Hedgehog Combat Mission
Hedgehog Combat Mission x2
raz_atoth Combat Mission x2
raz_atoth Combat Mission x2 - Modern
Currahee Operational Art of War
Mr Grumpy Tiller Operational Campaigns