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Designer FAQ

Please read this page to see if it answers your query, if it does not then contact Battle Kat, who will try to help you out.

How to submit a scenario?
To submit scenarios use the Add a new scenario link on the Index Page.

This will take you to the Add a scenario into the H2H testing area page. Fill in the various boxes and then browse to the scenario files on your PC to be uploaded.

  • Before uploading, make sure the scenario files are zipped so there is less chance of them being corrupted.
  • SM stands for Size Modifier, if needed follow the link provided to work out what SM your scenario is.
  • The 'scenario date' is the historical one.
Once you have uploaded a scenario a new link My Scenarios (see below) becomes active on the Index Page.

You do not need to use the Add a new scenario page to update existing scenarios you have uploaded, you must access them through the My Scenarios link on the Index Page

The uploaded scenario will immediately go into a holding area and await validation from the relevant ladder custodian. A maximum of 10 scenarios per title are available for testing at any one time and a restriction of 3 scenarios per designer is in force. If any more than 10 scenarios per title are uploaded for testing then the excess scenarios will be held in the scenario holding area until a testing place becomes available, at which time they will appear on the test page.

What is the Designer's role?
Once the scenario is moved to the main test page it is the designer's role to arrange for players to test his scenario. This is best achieved by posting for testers on the relevant forums and ensuring the testers register any tests started (see below). You will also need to liaise with your testers to see how things are progressing, every time a test report is submitted you will be notified by email, so ensure your email address is correctly displayed on your member page. The test reports can also be accessed through the scenario listing at the testing area and through the My Scenarios page.

Once you receive feedback and the current round of tests are completed, you can update the scenario file through the My Scenarios (see below) link. Taking feedback and uploading new versions of your scenario is very important to keep your scenario project moving forward.

The greatest issue the H2H Area has is designers uploading scenarios and then not fore filing their role as set out above. Not only does this create a "log jam" of scenarios on the test page it also causes extra admin work for the H2H custodians. Any scenarios found to be abandoned on the test page by their designer will be deleted and that designer may not be allowed to upload new scenarios in the future!

*Please don't upload scenarios if you don't intend to have them tested*

Can a designer test his own scenarios?
This might sound unwise but it has been proved that having the designer involved in the testing can have real benefits to keeping a project moving. If you would like to test your own scenario you should contact Battle Kat, who will discuss this further.

How does a scenario pass through testing and become Approved?
For a scenario to become approved the scenario requires four reports which rate the scenario with an average score of 8 or more, at that point the scenario can be approved provided there are no other tests registered against it, the scenario is moved to the Approved list using a link located in My Scenarios (see below).

If all the tests are finished and the scenario is still not approved the designer can make changes and upload a new version of the scenario using the My Scenarios link and a new round of testing can begin. This continues until the scenario achieves the required score to become approved.

What is the 'My Scenarios' link for?
This link is a powerful tool that all designers need to know how to use properly, the page lists all of your uploaded scenarios in the testing area and allows you to change almost all aspects of those scenarios. The link is only active while you have scenarios uploaded in the testing area.

The page is self explanatory, but here are some tips...
  1. You cannot upload and replace an existing scenario file while any tests are registered against that scenario.
  2. You can prevent any new tests being registered against your scenario by changing the 'Testing In Progress' box to 'Testing Stopped', you will need to do this when either you have enough tests running or you are waiting for current test to finish so you can modify or approve the scenario. If you modify the scenario remember to change this box back to 'Testing in progress' to allow tests on the new version to be registered.
  3. When your scenario has the required score a link will appear in the 'Approve' box to allow you to move it to the Approved list.

How do testers register their tests on my scenario?
Testers register their tests at the scenario listing on the test page. This is important as having tests registered against your scenario shows the custodians that your scenario is currently under active testing.

Why is a correct Email address so important?
It is important that your correct email address is listed under your Blitz profile as all of the automated messages generated by the H2H area for feedback or points awarded is sent to this email address. Also testers with questions may try to contact you this way.

My scenario has achieved the required score but I cannot approve it, why?
This will be because there are still tests registered against the scenario, testing is done in "rounds" and it is only once a round of testing is finished will you be able to update or approved your scenario. If your scenario is stuck due to unreliable testers then contact Battle Kat, who will help you remove the log jam.

My scenario cannot be updated?
See above.

Can a scenario be too large for the H2H Test Area?
Yes it can. A scenario which the custodian estimates would take longer than approximately one year to test will not be allowed past the holding area. If you have any doubts about the size of your scenario ask the relevant custodian before you upload the scenario.

What bonus points will I earn?
Designers are awarded 10 points per Size Modifier once their scenario is moved to the approved list.

How does the rating formula work?
The rating formula for the scenario average score is

Balance carries the most weight followed by enjoyment, while the briefings score has least weighting. There is guidance on the report to indicate to testers that the briefing should be scored highly if informative and complete.

Why am I only allowed to have 3 scenarios uploaded?
This is to prevent designers hogging all the available space on the test page, the best way to upload new scenarios is to get your present ones approved!

I no longer wish to have my scenario on the test page?
Contact Battle Kat, who will delete your scenario.

Any tricks of the trade?
  1. Consider forming your own test group of testers who you can trust to be reliable and provide useful feedback.
  2. Consider only having three tests registered against your scenario to keep things manageable and use the 'Testing stopped' feature to prevent any more tests being run until you are ready to approve or update the scenario.
  3. Make sure any tests are registered as this will show the custodians that there is testing taking place with your scenario.
  4. Any problems or queries contact Battle Kat, who will do everything he can to help you out.