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Testing FAQ

Please read this page to see if it answers your query, if it does not then contact Battle Kat, who will try to help you out.

How do I find a scenario to test?
From the H2H Testing Area Index page click the Scenario Testing Area link and then select the ladder you wish to test scenarios on. Browse to a scenario you would like to test and download the files located with that scenario. You now need to find an opponent, this is best achieved by posting on the relevant forums. Once you have an opponent you need to register the test (see below), this is very important as it indicates to both the designer and the H2H custodians that a test is ongoing against that scenario.

How do I register a test?
At the scenario entry click Register and fill in your opponent's username. You will find that once you fill in the first three letters a number of possible usernames will appear allowing you to pick your opponent's user out.

Only one tester should register a test otherwise two tests will show on the test page.

What is the tester's role?
A tester should try to play a scenario with the intention of providing useful feedback to the designer who can then make improvements to the scenario. On completion of the scenario both testers will independently score the scenario. It is from these scores that the approval of the scenario is decided.

Once the test is finished you should return to the scenario test page where the scenario is listed and click Submit, this will open a test report which you should fill out with as much detail as possible, once the report is finished click Submit at the foot of the page and your comments will be emailed to the designer.

You will be awarded bonus points by the H2H Commander once your report has been checked.

Do not test a scenario if you play at a very slow rate as you will hold the current round of testing up, if you register a test you should be committed to finishing it in a reasonable period, also if you are unable to complete a test for any reason contact Battle Kat, who will delete your test.

What is the function of the three scores on the report?
A scenario is scored in three categories, Balance, Enjoyment and Briefings. The score a scenario achieves is an average of these three scores using this formula

From the above formula the 'Balance' score is by far the most important and you should take into account your own performance when making your judgement of this.

'Enjoyment' is self explanatory and 'Briefings' is the least important score. If the Briefing was full and informative you should always score it highly (8 or greater).

How many bonus points will I earn?
You will be awarded 10 points per scenario Size Modifier. Full bonus points will only be awarded by the H2H Commander once the report has been filled out correctly.

I have submitted a report, but I only received part or none of the points I should have?
This will be because the report was not filled in correctly, writing a couple of lines in one or two boxes is not sufficient feedback to earn full points.

Is there a limit to the tests I can run?
No there is not, but it is important to consider that you should not over commit yourself and then be unable to finish the tests in a timely manner.