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**Clearing The Corridor - The Matrix Games version of West Front

**Clearing The Corridor Image
Campaign Series Ladder

**Clearing The Corridor

By Huib Versloot
Allies 7 - 8 - 11 Axis
Rating: 7.83 (23)
Games Played: 26
SM: 5
Turns: 20
Type: Custom
First Side: Allies
Second Side: Axis
Downloads: 434
[Veghel, Holland]:[H2H]:[HIS]:[BB]This scenario is a sequel to "Cutting The Corridor". On the 24th of september disaster had struck the Allies once more in Operation Market Garden. German Fallschirmjaeger had managed to break through the Allied defensive screen south of Veghel and had cut "Hell's Highway", the single lifeline for alll the troops north at Nijmegen and Arnhem. During the night the Germans tried to exploit their succes and after destroying many vehicles on the severed road, Kampfgruppe Huber, reinforced with men of the 6th FJR and a few 88's dug in in the wooded area of Logtenburg. Plans for the next day were to let KG Huber make a push for the Veghel bridge and to blow it up. Flank cover would be given by troops of the 59th Infantry Division who would strike for St. Oedenrode and KG Chill that would attack the American 501st AB Regiment at Eerde. The Allies had other plans. For them it was absoluty vital that KG Huber was immediately driven from the Corridor. Plan was to attack from the north with 1st and 3rd Batallion of the 506th AB Regiment supported by B Squadron of the 44th Royal Tanks and to attack from south with part of the 131st Infantry Brigade that had started to arrive. This attack would be supported by 2 companies of the 502nd AB Regiment and some tanks of the 5th Dragoons. Early in the morning of 25 september the Germans were the first to move out. The advance of both the 59th ID and KG Chill quickly stalled in the heavy fire of the American paratroopers. Soon it became clear that Allied pressure on KG Huber at Logtenburg was becoming much too heavy to even consider an attack towards the Veghel bridge. After a day of very intensive fighting KG Huber had to give in. During the night of 25/26 September they retreated silently to the German lines, salvaging all their heavy weapons. The next day the Allies found the Germans had left, but not before having the area severely mined and boobytrapped. After many hours of mine clearing by the 326th Engineers, at 1300 hours the road was finally opened for traffic again. By then the Allies had already decided to end Operation Market Garden. [Note: this version is optimized for Matrix 1.04 with EA and is newer than the scn included in 1.02]
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Gunnar S's ProfileGunnar S Well Balanced 8
x-para's Profilex-para Well Balanced 8
Guderian's ProfileGuderian Slightly Pro Allies 7
Gunnar S's ProfileGunnar S Well Balanced 9
Valor's ProfileValor Moderately Pro Allies 8
This seems to be avery balanced and exciting sceanrio.
Axis, and depending on your opponent, you must be aggressive, concentrate forces and launch several attacks on different sectors to spread out Allied defenses.
From the Allied perspective, the scenario is frustrating. The Axis side has limited resources to defend their objectives, but a vast amount to attack. Given the superior quality of German troops in the game i.e. range and firepower, it is very difficult for the Allied side to defend or attack without either significantly superior numbers of troops and/or effective artillery. The Allies are provided with mostly ineffective 60mm mortars and only a few 81mm. The only helpful asset is the armor that can fire at range is still bogged down by the terrain geography.