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05-24-2022, 11:17 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-24-2022, 11:46 PM by zap.)
RE: scenario
5.20 Bridge & High Wall Demolition
An Undisrupted Engineer unit that has not yet expended any Action Points in a turn may attempt to destroy an adjacent Bridge or
Wall hex side or a hex side bridge using its inherent demolition capabilities. Select the Engineer unit, then from the “Units” pop-down
menu, choose “Damage Wall or Bridge.” In the Dialog box that appears, select the hex side “direction” (up, up-right, down-right, etc.)
to attack, and click the OK button. An attack is performed, using the Engineer’s Attack Factor and its Strength Points vs. the
inherent strength of the feature. Attempting a demolition requires 100 Action Points.
A bridge crossing a full hex CANNOT be destroyed.

Here is the rule from the manual. Now in the scenario I referred to, a note was added by Ragnar saying the Bridges were modified (added ramps) which allows them to be damaged. But yet when you look at the scenario those bridges take up the whole hex. So it would not be possible to blow them. That was my experience in playing they were not able to be blown after several turns. Unless there is another explanation as to why adding ramps makes it possible to blow them? If I had continued every turn attempting to blow them maybe get lucky?
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