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Noob Query re. phased v. continuous-play mode
03-03-2021, 12:45 PM,
RE: Noob Query re. phased v. continuous-play mode
Spotting beyond the opening game turn LOS is a design feature and not a flaw. Even open terrain would have undulations inside the hexes that are less than an elevation change, but enough to obscure vision to spot an enemy in the next hex.  Think low rolling hills like the steppes around Kursk.

The PzC & MC series are very offensive leaning game systems.  Allowing the defense more than an a chance to remain in ambush mode behind their lines is really not too much to ask, IMHO.

Once you break through to open fields, have planned ahead to let a recon unit move through first and use recon spotting.  Not 100% guaranteed the enemy will pop up and say "gosh darn you found me" but it is a way to mitigate moving in blind.  Recon air is perfect for this situation also. Helmet Smile 

Dog Soldier
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03-04-2021, 12:57 AM,
RE: Noob Query re. phased v. continuous-play mode
IN phased play in the ACW titles if you can not spot a unit when you open the turn than it is possible you will not spot it during the movement phase until you bump into it.  That statement is caveat-ed by saying if the moving unit is cavalry you will "spot" at two hexes.  If the moving unit is infantry with skirmishers deployed it will spot at 2 hex range.  In phased play when you "spot" you only get to know a unit is there, you don't know what it is until you advance the phase.  It's not quite as blinding as you may think since visibility on a clear day in an ACW title is 70 hexes, so you will see movement all over the place and allow you to focus your scouting in areas where you detect movement.  Also, with that 70 hex range watching the replays becomes important as lots of spotting happens passively on your opponents turn.
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