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Guadalcanal - War In the Pacific: Admirals Edition

Guadalcanal Image
Naval Warfare Ladder


By Matrix Games
Japan 4 - 4 - 6 Allies
Rating: 8.57 (10)
Games Played: 14
SM: 3
Turns: 8
Type: Custom
First Side: Japan
Second Side: Allies
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
vonTirpitz's ProfilevonTirpitz Well Balanced 8
cavalry corps's Profilecavalry corps Slightly Pro Allies 7
cavalry corps's Profilecavalry corps Moderately Pro Allies 7
Currahee's ProfileCurrahee Slightly Pro Allies 8
Currahee's ProfileCurrahee Slightly Pro Allies 8
As expected, this can go from challenging to a seriously drawn out scenario when your carriers are sunk or damaged in the first month. The Betty bomber is death to allied shipping when they find you.
cavalry corps
Japs gave in after losing 3cv early on
cavalry corps
Ended Oct 42