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Empire V1.1 - War In the Pacific: Admirals Edition

Empire V1.1 Image
Naval Warfare Ladder

Empire V1.1

By Michael Smith
Japan 1 - 0 - 0 Allies
Rating: 5.9 (2)
Games Played: 1
SM: 10
Turns: 1600
Type: Custom
First Side: Japan
Second Side: Allies
Downloads: 130
Empire V1.1 A new mod for AE Scn 44

After a lot of work, the new mod is ready.

You need to have the RA mod, all its artwork and extended maps installed.
Unzip the file in your SCEN folder of the RA installation its number 44 ( should self extract in the root directory) and install the art.
This mod is not intended to be played against the AI. The AI has no script written for this mod.
This work is based on the foundation work headed up by John III reluctant Admiral v 8.0. Plus, a lot of playtesting of the same. You need a separate install, ideally of RA, with the extended map and art. This mod is a bolt-on for that with its new number and some new additional art. Best played 2-day turns. Carefully read the house rules and first turn rules.
Yes, as Japan, you can strike PH and Manila, Singapore, etc. on the first turn, the design allows for it. Face the challenge of limited resources especially the shortage of modern aircraft at the start. Rapidly modernise or face quick defeat.
Yes, as the allies, you will receive more modern and better ships and aircraft quicker to turn the tide. In the meantime fight very thoughtfully with obsolete aircraft to slow the advance until your newer types arrive in force.
Both sides start with a more obsolete OOB, after that, the technology advances faster than historical. Apart from the KB, Japans carriers need more modern aircraft (only just starting to be produced), and the early war in the DEI (which has slightly better defences) may see more dominance by surface units with a substantially reinforced British naval presence. But the allies also have some very obsolete aircraft to contend with and three fleet carriers in PH at the opening of the conflict.
For Japan, there are very many options on what to build for the Navy, follow the path set out in RA, or take your own? Aircraft advancement is faster, but you should not advance further with more R+D factory up expansion. For the allies, it will be a tricky start with three CVs in PH at the beginning, whose fate will determine the early strategy. Japan may have a free-range for some time. But America now puts the defeat of Japan first, and the arrival of new aircraft and ships is a priority.

Historical Set Up
In mid-October 1941, British spies in Tokyo report that Japan bolstered by the thought of the imminent fall of Moscow, and a general collapse in Russian morale is about to seize assets of the British Empire. Also, they have found that Germany is sharing its advanced technology with Japan on the basis that Japan first acts against British and Dutch interests. The first strike on the Malaysian peninsula is imminent. The attack is expected to take the form of amphibious landings and a land campaign toward Singapore and the DEI and later towards India. Britain prepares to take on Japan to protect her interests in the region.
At this stage, little thought is given to the growing area of naval aviation, and the expected short-lived conflict is likely to be decided by surface to surface combatants. Britain deploys two of its newest battleships and a modernized battlecruiser to defend the peninsula along with supporting assets. Despite asking America for assistance, America decides on a vigorous policy of neutrality, especially as Germany is passively now supporting the development of the Japanese war machine. America, whose Air Force is still modernizing is not wishing to enter into immediate conflict with Japan even by accident, therefore, withdraws its principal forces to Manila and Pearl Harbour. In late November, however, it sends some further reinforcement to the Philippines. Some of these units are still in transit as the war opens. Whilst hoping for a conflict to be avoided for a couple of years, America orders the rapid advancement of the proposed expansion of the Carrier fleet.
The Allies fail, though, to break the code that plans for an attack on both.
Japan is not quite ready for war, but the opportunity to carve up the British Empire, with the support of German technology, leads the Empire of Japan to war. They still have many obsolete planes, and the new, more modern types are only just starting to be hurriedly produced. They still place their faith in surface units to support the campaign against Malaya and the British Empire but at the same time risk their most modern aircraft towards the risky strike against America at Pearl Harbour inspired by the recent British attack at Toronto. Both attacks are to open at the same time.
Japan feels that with the collapse of the British Empire and the Dutch East Indies, America is likely to sue for peace after its wounding. Japan will become the Empire of the Pacific.
The stage is set.

Anyone whose work has been used in this and would like to be added to the additional credits in the game files please just let me know. You know that you already have the thanks of the wider community.

Michael Smith
Aug 2020
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