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Too Little, Too Late - The Matrix Games version of West Front

Too Little, Too Late Image
Campaign Series Ladder

Too Little, Too Late

By D. Bevard
Axis 26 - 11 - 41 Allies
Rating: 7.99 (65)
Games Played: 78
SM: 1
Turns: 14
Type: Stock
First Side: Axis
Second Side: Allies
Bieville, 8km N of Caen, France: [Best played as Axis] The task of the British 3rd Infantry Division on D-Day was to assault the Sword beaches just east of Lion sur Mur and to advance towards Caen, securing a bridgehead over the Orne River. By late afternoon elements of the 8th Infantry and tanks from the 27th Armoured Brigade had advanced as far as Bieville and Periers. But while the Commonwealth divisions had fought up from the beaches, the powerful 21st Panzer Division spent most of 6 June being bombarded by confusing and countermanded orders instead of counterattacking the scattered units of the British 6th Airborne and the disorganized beaches. Finally, late in the day, while KG von Luck attacked the paratroopers around Benouville, KG von Oppeln pushed toward the coast where its panzers would drive the invaders back into the channel. However, while the I/192 Panzergrenadier Battalion was able to slip through Anisy and on to the coast with little trouble, the remainder of Colonel von Oppeln's command found itself in a desperate struggle to blow a gap in British point around Bieville.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Blitz Shadow Player's ProfileBlitz Shadow Player Slightly Pro Allies 7
Blitz Shadow Player's ProfileBlitz Shadow Player Slightly Pro Allies 8
Valor's ProfileValor Well Balanced 9
Romano's ProfileRomano Slightly Pro Allies 6
Liveline99's ProfileLiveline99 Slightly Pro Axis 7
Difficult for Germans to get a good result, but what a fun little scenario!
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I had just played the game as Allied and knew the whereabouts of Allied units, many of them fixed. A fun little scenario.
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Lieutenant General
fastphil Thu Apr 15, 2021 1:14 am
Not sure how the AXis get a draw let alone a win. Fun for Allies with Fireflies galore.