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Out of the Mist - The Matrix Games version of West Front

Out of the Mist Image
Campaign Series Ladder

Out of the Mist

By D. Bevard
Allies 15 - 3 - 35 Axis
Rating: 7.48 (26)
Games Played: 53
SM: 1
Turns: 12
Type: Stock
First Side: Allies
Second Side: Axis
Guines, 10km S of Calais, France: [Best played as Allied] After a much-needed day of rest, Guderian's Panzergruppe was on the move again by 22 May. Now his instructions were to swing northward and secure the French Channel ports of Boulogne and Calais. This would prove to be no easy task as the British defenders had received orders to hold at all cost. To the resourceful General Nicholson, commanding the defenses at Calais, this meant sending the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment with infantry and anti-tank support from the 2nd Coldstream Guards on a brief raid to meet the enemy before they found themselves trapped. On the morning of the 23rd near Guines south of Calais, the leading elements of the 10th Panzer Division were just beginning their morning routine when the British tank regiment struck out of the mist. With most of the division scattered along the roads to Abbeville the German tankers and recon troops scrambled to man their weapons. For the British, the ensuing engagement was one of the few chances to meet the Germans on their own terms.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Tank Killer's ProfileTank Killer Moderately Pro Axis 7
Schwartzer Todt's ProfileSchwartzer Todt Well Balanced 7
Jager Fury's ProfileJager Fury Moderately Pro Axis 4
Valor's ProfileValor Well Balanced 9
Nort's ProfileNort Well Balanced 8
Oldbones Frid Nov 30, 2018 9:27 pm
I played the allies, I enjoyed the use of the CS Cruiser tank, they have the capability of firing smoke every turn. And having smoke every turn was a great way to learn. I lost but it went down to the wire and I thought it was close. As in every battle, the tactics and such would be done differently if I played it again.
Sir Winston Churchill said they were the "Finest Regiment in the world" The Gordon Highlanders ,