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Fox Chasing the Hounds - The Matrix Games version of West Front

Fox Chasing the Hounds Image
Campaign Series Ladder

Fox Chasing the Hounds

By D. Bevard
Axis 1 - 1 - 17 Allies
Rating: 5.53 (17)
Games Played: 19
SM: 2
Turns: 15
Type: Stock
First Side: Axis
Second Side: Allies
NW of Saunnu, 120km SE of Benghazi, Libya: [Best played as Axis] After the retreat of the Axis desert army following Operation Crusader, Churchill and the British Chiefs of Staff were trying, as usual, to do too much with too little. Due to the growing crisis with the Japanese in the Far East, more and more Commonwealth units were pulled out of the desert. Meanwhile, Rommel's forces were being resupplied and refitted near El Agheila and the Desert Fox was soon ready for another "raid" into Cyrenaica. On January 21st, the Afrika Korps struck at the English hounds, which had pursued it across the African desert, and soon the Fox was driving the hounds before him. Hoping to recover and reorganize the 1st Armoured at Msus, the battered British 2nd Armoured Brigade was left to buy time in the desert north of Saunnu. They did not have long to wait. Late on the 24th, Kampfgruppe Kramer slammed into the rear guard of the 2nd, commencing a running battle with the exposed supply columns and vulnerable aircraft at Msus as the prize!
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Matt's ProfileMatt Slightly Pro Allies 7
Manteuffel's ProfileManteuffel Totally Pro Allies 3
umbro's Profileumbro Totally Pro Allies 5
OberLt Griz's ProfileOberLt Griz Well Balanced 7
mTk(FGM)'s ProfilemTk(FGM) Totally Pro Allies 3