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Behind the Mareth Line - The Matrix Games version of West Front

Behind the Mareth Line Image
Campaign Series Ladder

Behind the Mareth Line

By James F. Dunnigan
Axis 12 - 2 - 2 Allies
Rating: 2.99 (7)
Games Played: 16
SM: 1
Turns: 11
Type: Stock
First Side: Axis
Second Side: Allies
Along the Coast Road, 6km S of Gabes, Tunisia: [Best played as Allied with Fog of War "OFF"] By March of 1943 the Germans were on the retreat in Africa. The once-proud Afrika Korps was trying to hold off the Americans advancing from the west, and repulse British attempts to break through at the Mareth line to the SE. Meanwhile, behind the German lines, another war was being fought in the shadows as British long-range commando units scouted the enemy and tried their best to create mayhem in the enemy rear area. One such organization was popularly know as "Popski's Private Army." It was the smallest independent unit in the British army, led by Maj. Vladimir "Popski" Peniakoff. In this instance Popski had discovered a pass through some "impassable" mountains NW of the Mareth line. Popski planned to wait in ambush for an unsuspecting German formation to appear, hit it quick and hard, and escape into the night. To better simulate the commando's advanced planning and their knowledge of the terrain, it is suggested that you play with Fog of War turned "OFF". My thanks to Charles Kibler of Talonsoft for helping me figure out the settings needed to make a night ambush work in the game.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Matt's ProfileMatt Moderately Pro Axis 4
Toten Tanz's ProfileToten Tanz Totally Pro Axis 1
Big Dawg's ProfileBig Dawg Totally Pro Axis 2
Harald Blauzahn's ProfileHarald Blauzahn Totally Pro Axis 1
Hughen Tanken de Tote's ProfileHughen Tanken de Tote Totally Pro Axis 3
Don Fox
Don't try it human vs human... interesting as a scene vs AI, however