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Pigi Pigi - The Matrix Games version of Rising Sun

Pigi Pigi Image
Campaign Series Ladder

Pigi Pigi

By Jeepster777
Australia 14 - 3 - 7 Japan
H2H Approaved
Rating: 8.31 (13)
Games Played: 24
SM: 1
Turns: 23
Type: Custom
First Side: Australia
Second Side: Japan
Downloads: 268
West Coast of Timor...Since the IJA invasion and occupation of Timor in 42' the Australian 2/2 Independent Company punished the Japanese with a series of ambushes and raids. The successes of the 2/2 convinced the AIF to bring in the 2/4 independent company late in August of 43'.....the Japanese response was to call in their own commando units....the highly trained and elite Yugeki Chutai...in a series of vicious actions the commandos clashed in the jungles of Timor.....PBEM scenario based on real events Rev 2.0 H2H scenario
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Ivan's ProfileIvan Well Balanced 7
mcwkjoyce's Profilemcwkjoyce Well Balanced 2
Yossarian's ProfileYossarian Well Balanced 7
keif149's Profilekeif149 Slightly Pro Australia 5
Big Dawg's ProfileBig Dawg Well Balanced 7
A very close run scenario fought in dense jungle by oposing elite forces. You can almost smell the jungle rotting while you seek out the enemy and anticipate being ambushed.
A good, quick game that is challenging,
A good quick game that is challenging