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Ode to Panzerblitz IV - Six Scenarios - The Matrix Games version of East Front II

Ode to Panzerblitz IV - Six Scenarios Image
Campaign Series Ladder

Ode to Panzerblitz IV - Six Scenarios

By Alan R. Arvold
Axis 0 - 0 - 0 USSR
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Games Played: 0
SM: 2
Turns: 12
Type: Stock
First Side: Axis
Second Side: USSR
Downloads: 344

By Alan R. Arvold

Due to the success of the Ode to Panzerblitz series of scenarios for East Front II, the call for more scenarios has come to me and so here is the next set. These six scenarios follow the particular theme of having all occurred in 1942. They were originally published in the article “The Forgotten Year: Panzerblitz Situations for 1942” by David Howery in the General Vol.26, #2. These scenarios certainly enjoyed great popularity as they were more fully developed than the ones for 1941 which were seen in the last set. They went far in showing other authors how well the early years of the war could be
portrayed if the scenarios were properly developed.

As before these scenarios are converted to the same standard as those of the previous
Ode to Panzerblitz sets. Again for the original design notes on these standards, refer to the first Ode to Panzerblitz, which deal with the set up and construction of the scenarios. Variables such as changing the environmental conditions, morale, or changing the orders of battles for either or both sides, I leave to the judgment of the individual players.

In five of the six scenarios, one will note that the Germans have the 120mm Mortar, a
weapon that was not officially made part of the army inventory until 1943. However in Russia, German units freely availed themselves of captured Russian 120mm Mortars and ammunition, something which they had large stocks of from the previous year’s battles. Although captured ammunition stocks ran out by the middle of 1942, the German military/industrial complex continued to supply ammo for the captured mortars until they could manufacture their own version of the 120mm.

The six scenarios recreate specific battles in various parts of the year. The details of the battles are rather general in the scenarios, given the nature of the Panzerblitz board game, but the unit designations are historical.