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Crisis in the Crimea - The Matrix Games version of East Front II

Crisis in the Crimea Image
Campaign Series Ladder

Crisis in the Crimea

By D. Bevard
Axis 10 - 17 - 74 Allies
Rating: 6.96 (77)
Games Played: 101
SM: 2
Turns: 15
Type: Stock
First Side: Axis
Second Side: Allies
North of Feodosiya, 90km SW of Kerch: [Best played against Human opponent or as Axis] While Manstein's forces hammered Sevastopol in the Crimea, the Russians attempted to turn the tables on the Axis invaders by landing troops to the east at Feodosiya. Quickly overcoming initial enemy resistance, the Soviets advanced to the northwest. To stop this threat in his rear, Manstein ordered the 22nd Panzer Division, mostly equipped with Pz 38Ts, to deal with the attack. Confused in the early morning mists elements of the German 204th Panzer Regiment roll right into the assembly area of the Soviet 56th Tank Brigade.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
echo-four's Profileecho-four Well Balanced 6
Cpt. Toad's ProfileCpt. Toad Well Balanced 7
Blitz Shadow Player's ProfileBlitz Shadow Player Slightly Pro Allies 5
Blitz Shadow Player's ProfileBlitz Shadow Player Moderately Pro Allies 6
Blitz Shadow Player's ProfileBlitz Shadow Player Slightly Pro Allies 5
Balance depends a lot on the reinforcement schedule. Map is nice, but it does not leave a lot of options for either side.
A real challenge for the Axis to even get a Draw
Very tough game to do any better than a Draw as the Germans.
Big Ivan
1st Lieutenant
Big Ivan Frid Sep 28, 2018 6:04 am
Didn't really care for it.
Hawk Kriegsman
General of the Army
Hawk Kriegsman Wed Feb 20, 2019 10:31 pm
despite the description saying it can be played H2H it is not advisable. Tough go for the Germans