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Crossing the Meuse 5/40 - Steel Panthers: World War 2

Crossing the Meuse 5/40 Image
Steel Panthers Ladder

Crossing the Meuse 5/40

By CB Blackard
Germany 1 - 2 - 0 French
Rating: 8.08 (5)
Games Played: 3
SM: 2
Turns: 21
Type: Custom
First Side: Germany
Second Side: French
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Montana_Prussian's ProfileMontana_Prussian Slightly Pro Germany 8
keif149's Profilekeif149 Slightly Pro Germany 5
Gordons HQ's ProfileGordons HQ Well Balanced 8
Scaz's ProfileScaz Well Balanced 8
Isto's ProfileIsto Slightly Pro Germany 4
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Germany Scaz's Profile Scaz vs. Isto Isto's Profile French Draw - 13 to 24 Turns 12 12
French keif149's Profile keif149 vs. Gordons HQ Gordons HQ's Profile Germany Draw - 13 to 24 Turns 12 12
Germany Montana_Prussian's Profile Montana_Prussian vs. Halfyank Halfyank's Profile French Germany Minor Victory - 25 or more Turns 40 10
Gordons HQ
Gordons HQ Frid Mar 24, 2017 6:28 pm
Played without moral or training on and probably changed the way the game played out but it was a good fight and fun.
Isto Wed Feb 09, 2022 10:50 pm
Lots of emphasis on France how to plan Artillery without real possibility to scout or know where opponent is attacking. Not much else to do in that scenario as France.