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The Dieppe of the Black Sea - Red Victory

The Dieppe of the Black Sea Image
Squad Battles Ladder

The Dieppe of the Black Sea

By Ozgur Budak
USSR 29 - 3 - 3 Axis
Rating: 6.17 (17)
Games Played: 35
SM: 3
Turns: 18
Type: Custom
First Side: USSR
Second Side: Axis
04 FEBRUARY 1943, OZEREIKA BAY, 12KM SOUTHWEST OF NOVOROSSIISK: After surrounding the German forces at Stalingrad, STAVKA planned another smaller operation codenamed "Operation Sea". The aim of the operation was to capture the Black Sea harbor town of Novorossiisk and block the 17th Army's path of retreat from the Caucasus into the Crimea. The assault was to be a combined one that included amphibious and airborne landings. The amphibious operation was directed against Novorossiisk while airborne troops delayed the reinforcements. The location of the beach landings was the bay of Ozereika which is a couple of kilometers southwest of Novorossiisk. The Ozereika Bay provided a suitable landscape for landings and advance inland. The Axis defenses in the area consisted of the 38th Rumanian Infantry Regiment which was defending the beaches and the German 789th Coastal Artillery Battalion with its 105mm howitzers emplaced in the heights dominating the bay and the village of Yuzhnaye Ozereika. The Soviet plan was to push through the defense in order to reach a line between Yuzhnaye Ozereika and Stanichka; then turn right and envelop Novorossiisk from the West. The mission was undertaken by the elements of the 255th Naval Brigade, a stubborn and crack unit which was supported by lend lease Stuart tanks from the 563rd Tank Battalion. Soviet command used every vessel for naval transportation; patrol boats, rubber boats, fishing boats and barges. The destroyer "Minsk" provided artillery support on pre-assigned targets. At 02:00 hours the first wave of the assault force closed in on the beach. The landing forces found trenches, mines and obstacles intact after the artillery preparation and engaged in a heavy fight with the Rumanian infantry.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
miller41's Profilemiller41 Well Balanced 8
_72z's Profile_72z Moderately Pro USSR 5
Rabbit's ProfileRabbit Slightly Pro USSR 9
Rabbit's ProfileRabbit Slightly Pro USSR 9
flynavy's Profileflynavy Slightly Pro USSR 8
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Axis Laza's Profile Laza vs. Landser34 Landser34's Profile USSR Axis Major Victory 24 3
USSR fastphil's Profile fastphil vs. Solyom2 Solyom2's Profile Axis USSR Major Victory 24 3
Axis Richie61's Profile Richie61 vs. Laza Laza's Profile USSR Axis Major Loss 3 24
Axis Richie61's Profile Richie61 vs. todk todk's Profile USSR Draw 12 12
Axis Richie61's Profile Richie61 vs. todk todk's Profile USSR Draw 12 12
Was a tough fight, looked to be going to the wire.
It's not the one with your name on it; it's the one addressed "to whom it may concern" you've got to think about.
Actually can be a 6 or 7 in PBEM play balancing- it all depends upon if the Russians can land their 3 Stuart tanks, or how many losses the Russians take in landing. If the Russians were to lose the ferries on the way in -it might be catastrophic for them -however once the ferries and the LC land, the game seems but a matter of mopping up for the Soviet player.
History Design Centre/CenterActually webmaster for History Design Centre/Center.
Dog Soldier
Very good scenario. Many options for the Russians to approach the victory locations
Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.

- Wyatt Earp
Dog Soldier
Russians have to be careful about approaching the beaches. Once ashore the Russian naval infantry is a tough lot.
Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.

- Wyatt Earp
Warrant Officer
flip0009 Frid Jun 19, 2015 4:22 am
Good desperate defense against long odds game.
KG_RangerBooBoo Frid Aug 07, 2015 8:53 pm
My opponent made it challenging but the preponderance of Soviets just proved too much in the end.
General of the Army
Richie61 Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:52 am
Great scenario based on a real battle.
"Ideals are peaceful. History is violent."