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1027_01_Meijel "Battle of the Canals" - PzC 24 Scheldt '44

1027_01_Meijel "Battle of the Canals" Image
Tiller Operational Campaigns Ladder

1027_01_Meijel "Battle of the Canals"

By Mike Prucha
Axis 1 - 3 - 1 Allies
Rating: 8.73 (4)
Games Played: 5
SM: 3
Turns: 31
Type: Stock
First Side: Axis
Second Side: Allies
Battle of Meijel, 27 October 1944: The German attack was to fall against the US 7th Armored
Division. Since the conclusion of Operation Constellation, 7th Armored had patrolled an
approximately thirty-five-kilometer front between Griendstveen and Hunsel with only limited
enemy contact. Discounting reports from the Dutch resistance that the enemy was massing for an
attack against Meijel, General Sylvester made no effort to strengthen the thinly spread elements of
87th Armored Reconnaissance Squadron which defended the village. Sylvester's lack of judgement
would once again cost his division dearly and once again British infantry would be required to bail
the Americans out...
[Size: Medium-Small]
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
vLuttwitz's ProfilevLuttwitz Well Balanced 8
Barbarrossa.'s ProfileBarbarrossa. Slightly Pro Allies 6
Pinetree's ProfilePinetree Well Balanced 7
Mike Prucha's ProfileMike Prucha Well Balanced 7
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Axis LEGXXIIPRPF's Profile LEGXXIIPRPF vs. Dirk Gross Dirk Gross's Profile Allies Axis Minor Victory 42 18
Allies Mike Prucha's Profile Mike Prucha vs. zorak zorak's Profile Axis Draw 30 30
Axis Pinetree's Profile Pinetree vs. phoenix phoenix's Profile Allies Draw 30 30
Allies Barbarrossa.'s Profile Barbarrossa. vs. Landser34 Landser34's Profile Axis Allies Minor Victory 42 18
Axis vLuttwitz's Profile vLuttwitz vs. Fhil Fhil's Profile Allies Draw 30 30
1st Lieutenant
vLuttwitz Sat Dec 26, 2020 6:08 pm
very pleasant and balanced little scenario,
the result was uncertain until the last turn
Barbarrossa. Wed Mar 03, 2021 6:59 pm
Both sides often need to go to get to and stay on front line