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410520_01: The Invasion of Crete - PzC 13 Salerno '43

410520_01: The Invasion of Crete Image
Tiller Operational Campaigns Ladder

410520_01: The Invasion of Crete

By Saunders & Blackie
Axis 2 - 0 - 3 Allies
Rating: 7.3 (4)
Games Played: 5
SM: 4
Turns: 80
Type: Stock
First Side: Axis
Second Side: Allies
Crete, May 20th 1941: In the desert, Tobruk was surrounded and Rommel stood on the Egyptian frontier facing the British, who, a few days previously, had halted Operation Brevity to relieve Tobruk. Operation Seelowe, the invasion of Britain, had been cancelled and all eyes were now looking east. Six weeks had passed since the Germans had invaded Yugoslavia and Greece to bail out their Italian partners. Now their attention was focused on the Soviet Union and Hitler had massed his army on the Russian border for Operation Barbarossa. Thus, in the big picture, Crete was a small sideshow where the Allies clung by their fingernails to southern Europe, the Germans having far greater issues pressuring them. It was at this time, the Germans, at the pinnacle of their airborne power, decided to invade Crete using Generalmajor Kurt Student's crack force of Fallschirmjäger. There were several plans proposed, ranging from one major Drop Zone, to others where troops would arrive scattered in 7 locations. The final plan for "Operation Merkur", or "Mercury", represented a compromise imposed by Reichsmarshall Goering calling for a morning assault in the Maleme\Canea sector, followed up with two afternoon drops in the vicinity of Rethymnon and Heraklion. [Size, large] Designer Note: The Strategy|Operations option has been used for the late arriving Allied units in this scenario as some units planned for arrival were cancelled and others arrived. Their arrival was late enough that the historical arrival location may be overrun. To investigate alternative Axis Drop Zones, see scenario #410520_05.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
gus's Profilegus Totally Pro Allies 5
Ricky B's ProfileRicky B Well Balanced 7
thunderhead's Profilethunderhead Slightly Pro Allies 8
timshin42's Profiletimshin42 Well Balanced 9
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Axis Oldman's Profile Oldman vs. crazyivan crazyivan's Profile Allies Axis Minor Victory 56 24
Axis timshin42's Profile timshin42 vs. Mike Bowen Mike Bowen's Profile Allies Axis Major Loss 8 72
Axis Bilco's Profile Bilco vs. thunderhead thunderhead's Profile Allies Axis Major Loss 8 72
Axis Ricky B's Profile Ricky B vs. PB PB's Profile Allies Axis Major Victory 72 8
Axis Valo's Profile Valo vs. gus gus's Profile Allies Axis Major Loss 8 72
Ricky B
The key to victory is Maleme Airfield, for the first day. If the German paratroopers don't take it by the end of the first day, it will be extremely difficult to take and the German player will lose.