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0922_01s: Race to the River (Kanev)_Alt - PzC 06 Korsun '44

0922_01s: Race to the River (Kanev)_Alt Image
Tiller Operational Campaigns Ladder

0922_01s: Race to the River (Kanev)_Alt

By Saunders & Blackie (Edited by VM)
Russia 0 - 0 - 4 Germany
Rating: 4.72 (5)
Games Played: 4
SM: 4
Turns: 45
Type: Custom
First Side: Russia
Second Side: Germany
Kanev, September 22nd 1943: After the failed Kursk offensive in July 1943, most of the German Army was in retreat. In the Ukraine, the 8th Panzer Armee was no exception, it was racing to get to the Dnepr ahead of the Russian 3rd Guards Tank Army. Both sides reached the river at about the same time, the 3rd GTA at Zarubentsy, the XXIV Panzer Korps at Kanev. At that time there were few German units on the western bank from Kiev to Cherkassey. The Russians decided to force a bridgehead on the western bank, then move south to cut off the XXIV Pz Korps at the Kanev bridge. It was touch and go for a while, as the Germans scrambled to find units to seal off and destroy the bridgehead. 19th Pz Division's Armored Recce Battalion was dispatched from the Kiev area with orders to hold until the rest of the division could arrive. It was hoped this would be enough to enable the XXIV Pz Korps, on the east bank, to get over the last bridge and push the Russians back into the river. However, the Soviets also had plans for the bridgehead, although unable to ferry many tanks or heavy weapons over, they had numerous small infantry bridgeheads. They also had a daring plan to use an airborne assault to seal the bulge, but unfortunately, the organizational skill to put this assault together was found to be lacking. The assault came in dribs and drabs, the pilots were inexperienced, as indeed, were the paratroops themselves, many were clerical and support staff "rounded up" for a maximum effort. Add to this delays and complete confusion, as they were dropped mostly at night, and there was a recipe for a total disaster. [Size large] Designer Note: This scenario is perhaps best played by two humans, as it presents the AI with a challenging situation to evaluate. However AI Play is possible and will be most challenging for a Human German, but fun for the Human Russian, who should rack up a win easily.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Mike Bowen's ProfileMike Bowen Slightly Pro Germany 8
burroughs's Profileburroughs Totally Pro Germany 10
zorak's Profilezorak Totally Pro Germany 6
Nicholas Bell's ProfileNicholas Bell Totally Pro Germany 1
The_General's ProfileThe_General Slightly Pro Germany 7
Mike Bowen
Possibly a bit pro German I think Harry deserved a draw - 3-4 more turns he would have won/drawn
Very unbalanced in terms how the objectives and their values are assigned - given the poor weather with rain and mud most of the time, the numerous Red Army formations couldn't advance and assault in any organized way, but actually tread one on another with tanks in far forward positions and infatry barely catching up.
1st Lieutenant
zorak Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:00 am
Ivan has to be near perfect to win this one and the German side has to commit a few blunders.
Nicholas Bell
Nicholas Bell Mon Jul 08, 2019 4:26 am
The mud ground conditions are too severe and do not reflect the historical conditions nor allow for replication of the movement of forces and schedule. Disappointing, but fixable with adjustments to the PDT.
Lieutenant General
The_General Wed Feb 14, 2024 6:54 pm
victory conditions are harsh for the Russians