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#02 Second Battle of Kharkov - PzC 03 Kharkov '42

#02 Second Battle of Kharkov Image
Tiller Operational Campaigns Ladder

#02 Second Battle of Kharkov

By Saunders/Blackie & Wig Graves
Russia 14 - 5 - 38 Germany
Rating: 6.9 (52)
Games Played: 57
SM: 8
Turns: 140
Type: Stock
First Side: Russia
Second Side: Germany
Kharkov, May 12th, 1942: In 1941, the first year of war in Russia, the German Army plowed their way across much of the Soviet Union and was stopped at the very approaches of Moscow by the Soviet winter offensive. Much has been written of this Moscow counteroffensive, but a lessor known, but rather successful Russian Winter Offense also occurred near Kharkov and resulted in the formation of the Iyzum Bulge. Both of these successes led Stalin to feel that the momentum was his. It turns out he was wrong in both cases. Nevertheless, by the spring of 1942 he was planning a bold move to encircle Kharkov and surround the German Army in the Ukraine with a two-pronged attack. His attack was also to preempt the German summer offensive that was expected to happen in the Moscow region. This Soviet Summer Offense was known as the Second Battle of Kharkov. [84,500 sq Km - 140 Turns]
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Blitz Shadow Player's ProfileBlitz Shadow Player Slightly Pro Russia 7
Ricky B's ProfileRicky B Moderately Pro Germany 7
Brammer's ProfileBrammer Moderately Pro Germany 6
Ricky B's ProfileRicky B Moderately Pro Germany 8
Scar's ProfileScar Moderately Pro Germany 8
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Germany Al's Profile Al vs. zorak zorak's Profile Russia Germany Major Victory 144 16
Germany Ricky B's Profile Ricky B vs. Liebchen Liebchen's Profile Russia Draw 80 80
Russia Saper2's Profile Saper2 vs. Deturk Deturk's Profile Germany Russia Major Victory 144 16
Russia Gray Nemesis's Profile Gray Nemesis vs. iley iley's Profile Germany Russia Major Victory 144 16
Germany Caseblue's Profile Caseblue vs. Deturk Deturk's Profile Russia Germany Major Victory 144 16
Better quality of Axis units, but... never say never - Russian can try do something with good strategy:)(Subiective opinion)
The Russians suffer horrible causalty points making it difficult to gain enough objective points to pull out a win.
1st Lieutenant
Tough battle fought to a draw.
1st Lieutenant
Al Wed Dec 06, 2023 1:23 am
Tough one for the Soviets to win.