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#11 - The Bridgehead Battle (6-7 June) - PzC 02 Normandy '44

#11 - The Bridgehead Battle (6-7 June) Image
Tiller Operational Campaigns Ladder

#11 - The Bridgehead Battle (6-7 June)

By Wig Graves & Jim Dunnam
Allies 9 - 0 - 2 Germany
Rating: 5.93 (9)
Games Played: 11
SM: 3
Turns: 20
Type: Stock
First Side: Allies
Second Side: Germany
Supreme Allied Headquarters, England: As reports from the landing areas slowly filtered in, the Allied Commanders slowly pieced together a picture of the situation. Things seemed to be going well everywhere except Omaha and even there, by afternoon, the crisis was passed. The only thing to do was to continue the landing operations as planned in hopes that the build-up would exceed the German rate. At Rommel's Headquarters on the other side of the Channel, the picture was not as clear. Many of the Division Commanders and Operations Officers were still making their way back from the map exercises in Rennes and Rommel himself was still on the road from Germany. Information was sketchy and indicated that a major Allied operation was taking place, but was it only a diversion, was the expected attack in the Pas de Calais area still to come? Answers to these questions could wait as the release of the Divisions there would have to come from Hitler himself. The only option available was to fight with the forces on hand but a better option might have been better to do as von Rundsted later suggested, "Make peace you idiots, what else can you do?". This scenario combines all the action of the first two days of the invasion. For a 7 day version covering covering this same battle area, see #16 "Advancing Inland". [Size: Large; Length: 20 turns]
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Cshurts's ProfileCshurts Moderately Pro Allies 6
Blue 1's ProfileBlue 1 Moderately Pro Allies 6
CaptainDoc's ProfileCaptainDoc Slightly Pro Allies 10
Cshurts's ProfileCshurts Totally Pro Allies 7
Hammerdog's ProfileHammerdog Moderately Pro Allies 7
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Allies Brammer's Profile Brammer vs. todk todk's Profile Germany Allies Major Victory 54 6
Allies keif149's Profile keif149 vs. Gordons HQ Gordons HQ's Profile Germany Allies Major Victory 54 6
Germany Kritterpaw's Profile Kritterpaw vs. _72z _72z's Profile Allies Germany Minor Victory 42 18
Allies Bioman's Profile Bioman vs. Mini-Me Mini-Me's Profile Germany Allies Major Victory 54 6
Allies jamez's Profile jamez vs. sergio sergio's Profile Germany Allies Major Victory 54 6