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#10 - The Race to Caen (6-7 June)_Alt - PzC 02 Normandy '44

#10 - The Race to Caen (6-7 June)_Alt Image
Tiller Operational Campaigns Ladder

#10 - The Race to Caen (6-7 June)_Alt

By Graves/Dunnam, Edited by VM
British 13 - 2 - 8 Germany
Rating: 7.79 (15)
Games Played: 23
SM: 3
Turns: 20
Type: Custom
First Side: British
Second Side: Germany
HQ, German 21st Panzer Division, southeast of Caen: Allied airborne troops have been landing in Normandy since midnight and seaborne forces have been on the beaches since dawn but still no orders releasing the Division have been received. Individual units in the coastal sector have been fighting most of the day without support and many have been caught up in the collapse of the 716th Division. Only after Hitler woke-up at 10:00 was his personal permission granted to counteratack the landings with both the 21st Panzer and the 12th SS Divisions and to move forward the Panzer Lehr. By this time, however, there was crisis everywhere and after several false starts, the mass of the 21st Division was finally assembled northwest of Caen and ordered to attack to the sea. This attack came at a time when the British were pushing steadily to achieve their D-Day objective of capturing Caen and the ensuing two day battle north of Caen would grind the 21st Panzer into a shadow of its former self. The arrival of the 12th SS Division finally forced the British to a halt and to admit that their goal had been unrealistic. But as Brig Gen K Pearce Smith of the 185th Brigade would later remark: "I did not expect on my race to Caen, to confront 21st Panzer Division or any other Armored Division". Caen would further elude the British for nearly two months. For a 1 day version covering this same battle area, see #06 "Private Nigle"; for a 7 day version, see #15 "Caen Country". [Size: medium; Length: 20 turns]
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Caseshot's ProfileCaseshot Well Balanced 6
Steel God's ProfileSteel God Well Balanced 8
McIvan's ProfileMcIvan Slightly Pro British 8
Gordons HQ's ProfileGordons HQ Moderately Pro British 7
Sgt Barker's ProfileSgt Barker Slightly Pro Germany 8
The Allied Bridgehead over Pegasus bridge is in danger from the Major Axis Reinforcements