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850610_02sa: War on the Danube Front (HTH) - MC 05 Danube Front '85

850610_02sa: War on the Danube Front (HTH) Image
Tiller Operational Campaigns Ladder

850610_02sa: War on the Danube Front (HTH)

By Saunders, Blackie & Bellizzi
Warsaw Pact 6 - 2 - 2 NATO
Rating: 8.69 (7)
Games Played: 10
SM: 8
Turns: 161
Type: Stock
First Side: Warsaw Pact
Second Side: NATO
The Danube Front - Southern Germany, June 10th 1985: For four decades the armies of East and West had faced each other across the Inter-German & Czechoslovak borders. Though initially allies, these forces had long ago become bitter rivals, each prepared to enter mortal combat with the other if need be. The armies of NATO were the single largest grouping of the Free World's military power on Earth. The NATO forces in south Germany consisted of the German II Korps comprising 4 Divisions to include the elite 1st Gebirgsjaeger, the entire US VIIth Corps, and a strong showing of French and Canadian forces. Facing them were the resolute troops of the Warsaw Pact's Central Group of Forces; 2 Soviet Armies & 2 Czechoslovak Armies, plus southern elements of the GSFG. Tens of thousands of men, tanks, guns, and aircraft filled bases on both sides of this portion of the Iron Curtain. Each side husbanded stockpiles of fuel, ammunition, and supplies. All that remained was for a crisis to arise, and the order for war to be given. In late spring 1985, that crisis arrived. The USSR launched its "Berserker Strategy" of attack from garrison, depending on surprise to gain the initial, crucial advantage over NATO. Through the Hof, and Cheb Gaps, and across the Danube River, the Red Forces surged, catching the West's guardians unprepared. The armies of the Warsaw Pact raced for the key bridges over the Danube & Main, intent on fanning out across Bavaria to "liberate" the region. World War III in Europe had begun, and the fate of the Western alliance hung in the balance. [Size: large] Designer Note: This scenario has been optimized for HTH play. Explicit Supply is possible.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Laubster22's ProfileLaubster22 Slightly Pro Warsaw Pact 6
Bidermann's ProfileBidermann Well Balanced 7
Milo's ProfileMilo Well Balanced 8
Witblitz's ProfileWitblitz Well Balanced 10
JDR Dragoon's ProfileJDR Dragoon Well Balanced 9
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Warsaw Pact RichardSG's Profile RichardSG vs. Liebchen Liebchen's Profile NATO Warsaw Pact Major Victory 144 16
Warsaw Pact Kool Kat's Profile Kool Kat vs. Green Green's Profile NATO Warsaw Pact Minor Victory 112 48
NATO JDR Dragoon's Profile JDR Dragoon vs. Aolain Aolain's Profile Warsaw Pact Draw 80 80
NATO Witblitz's Profile Witblitz vs. firemedicguy firemedicguy's Profile Warsaw Pact NATO Major Victory 144 16
NATO Lucid's Profile Lucid vs. Tide1 Tide1's Profile Warsaw Pact NATO Major Victory 144 16