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M15-Bonus 3. Berlin Operations - JTS Campaign Leipzig

M15-Bonus 3. Berlin Operations Image
Black Powder Ladder

M15-Bonus 3. Berlin Operations

By Bill Peters
French (Nap) 0 - 1 - 0 Allies (Nap)
Rating: 5 (1)
Games Played: 1
SM: 6
Turns: 258
Type: Custom
First Side: French (Nap)
Second Side: Allies (Nap)
5-8 September 1813 - Historical - Intended to be played Heat to Head - Important: Uses 15 Minute Turns - Ney was given instructions to march on Berlin. Napoleon would support him with the Guard, VI Corps and a portion of the I Cavalry Corps from Luckau. They would have their lines of communcation through Juterbog and Baruth. Ney moved out late not even knowing that Napoleon had to cancel his advance. The French emperor sent no courier to Ney thus sealing his doom. Ney aggressive move on Dennewitz may be explained as his best effort in trying to follow Napoleon's orders but the truth is that he should have protected his long left flank better. The numerous Allied cavalry and the rolling, wooded terrain kept him in the dark concerning the location of the Allied main body. Thus his loss at Dennewitz may be ascribed to his lack of cavalry and a blind trust in Napoleon. Various accounts give Bernadotte the credit for an ambush but Dennewitz was anything but that. The Prussians were doing their best to bring the French to battle or at least halt them or block their path and await reinforcements. When they did come it was in small numbers and Bernadotte himself sat on a nearby hill and passed on the opportunity to commit more of his army to aid his Prussian allies. As at Größbeeren in August, the Prussians would largely get the credit for the victory. This scenario allows the players to attempt different strategies. As the French will know the opening setup of the Allies this will remove some of the fog of war. However, the French can use the terrain to their own advantage as well. Finally, the Swedish forces will FIX at various times during the scenario. The Allied player will want to "guard" them so as to be sure that they are not destroyed due to their inflexible stance. The French are outnumbered and only a good commander will be able to defeat the Allied legions.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
agmoss99's Profileagmoss99 Moderately Pro Allies (Nap) 5
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
French (Nap) agmoss99's Profile agmoss99 vs. Cpt Courageous Cpt Courageous's Profile Allies (Nap) Draw 48 48