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!HISTORICAL 1. The Battle of Gettysburg - July 1 - 3, 1863 - HPS/JTS Campaign Gettysburg

!HISTORICAL 1. The Battle of Gettysburg - July 1 - 3, 1863 Image
Black Powder Ladder

!HISTORICAL 1. The Battle of Gettysburg - July 1 - 3, 1863

By Douglas Strickler
CSA 18 - 5 - 16 Union
Rating: 8.56 (26)
Games Played: 39
SM: 8
Turns: 156
Type: Custom
First Side: CSA
Second Side: Union
THE SOUTH: On July 1st, as the Army of Northern Virginia concentrates north of Gettysburg, elements of 3rd Corps get permission to advance on the town. The advance aims to both to feel out the Union presence detected there on June 30th, and to search for shoes rumored to be stored there - an item sorely needed by the rebel foot soldiers. As the lead elements near the vicinity of Gettysburg they encounter strong resistance from Union cavalry and soon the fight escalates. 2nd Corps is to move to Cashtown and link up with 3rd Corps. While Rodes' division is in transit pursuant to these orders word arrives of the fight brewing at Gettysburg and the division is turned south at Middletown. Early's division, originally ordered to move to Cashtown via Hunterstown and Mummasburg, had, due to the state of that road, already detoured to Heidlersburg, intending to move from there to Mummasburg. It was at Heidlersburg that the word to move south reached the division. Pender's division moves out after Heth's, accompanied by a battalion of the corps reserve artillery. Anderson's division, camped up the road at Fayetteville, moves out early in the morning, but is halted near Cashtown in the early afternoon, awaiting orders. It arrives later in the afternoon. Johnson's division, after a march of some 25 miles along a road crowded with troops of 1st Corps, arrives near Cashtown at 4 p.m. The exhausted troops push on, followed by those of 1st Corps. Pickett's division, which had been left at Chambersburg guarding the army's rear, doesn't arrive till mid-afternoon on July 2nd. THE NORTH: The Army of the Potomac is concentrated in northern Maryland. Elements of Buford's cavalry division screen to the north of the main body. On June 30th this force makes contact with Confederate infantry. Word goes back to bring up infantry support, setting the stage for a confrontation around the town of Gettysburg. Dawn on July 1st finds the Left Wing of the Union army in position to respond to the call. 1st Corps is camped at Marsh Creek, 3rd Corps at Bridgeport, and 11th Corps at Emmitsburg. 12th Corps, which is not part of the Left Wing, is at Littlestown. Elements of Stannard's brigade, newly transferred to 1st Corps, arrive during the day. Likewise, Lockwood's brigade, scraped together from troops in the east, arrives to bolster 12th Corps. While 1st and 11th Corps move out in a timely fashion, 3rd Corps is inexplicably delayed in moving to Gettysburg. Over the course of the next two days most of the Army of the Potomac concentrates on Gettysburg. Kilpatrick's and Gregg's divisions arrive on July 2nd from their task of screening the Union right and right-rear, and Merritt's brigade arrives on the 3rd after screening the left. 2nd Corps moves from the vicinity of Uniontown, camping near Gettysburg late on the night of July 1st, and arriving on the field in the early morning of the 2nd. 5th Corps, after marching to Hanover, reverses its course and arrives in the area of Gettysburg in the early morning hours of July 2nd. 6th Corps, after initially being ordered to Taneytown, reverses its course and, after a march of some 35 miles arrives near Gettysburg in the mid-afternoon of July 2nd.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Jimmy's ProfileJimmy Well Balanced 7
Kuriltai's ProfileKuriltai Slightly Pro CSA 6
Brammer's ProfileBrammer Slightly Pro CSA 7
Model's ProfileModel Well Balanced 7
Brammer's ProfileBrammer Slightly Pro Union 7
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Union The_General's Profile The_General vs. Sgt Jasper Sgt Jasper's Profile CSA Union Major Win 112 16
CSA The_General's Profile The_General vs. panther421 panther421's Profile Union CSA Major Win 112 16
CSA Steel God's Profile Steel God vs. HeyThere HeyThere's Profile Union CSA Minor Win 80 32
CSA The_General's Profile The_General vs. Blitz Shadow Player Blitz Shadow Player's Profile Union CSA Major Win 112 16
CSA Pat the wolf's Profile Pat the wolf vs. Pete Pete's Profile Union CSA Major Win 112 16