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FR Snow for the Hungry - Combat Mission: Red Thunder

FR Snow for the Hungry Image
Combat Mission x2 Ladder

FR Snow for the Hungry

By Jon Martina
USSR 1 - 1 - 3 Axis
Rating: 8.21 (7)
Games Played: 9
SM: 9
Turns: 120
Type: Stock
First Side: USSR
Second Side: Axis
Grossdeutschland attempts to relieve Konigsberg
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Panzer Lehr's ProfilePanzer Lehr Well Balanced 8
Stonecutter's ProfileStonecutter Moderately Pro USSR 8
LuckyLlama's ProfileLuckyLlama Slightly Pro USSR 9
s_cm's Profiles_cm Slightly Pro USSR 8
Panzer Lehr's ProfilePanzer Lehr Well Balanced 8
Major General
Stonecutter Mon Mar 14, 2022 5:59 am
A very nice map and excellent set of VP objectives with a good mix of forces. It appeared to favour the Soviet player as they outnumbered the Germans by roughly 2:1. I think adding a company of infantry and some 81mm mortar support to the German side would make for a more balanced battle.
LuckyLlama Wed Jun 29, 2022 12:18 pm
Played this for the SOT. I ranked it high for the fun factor and slightly pro allies for balance. Not sure about the balance because so much depends on those first tank battles. No matter I recommend to play this one out because you play on a big map, and have lots of room to manouver. There is lots of time on the time-clock and my playing partner and I agreed to a cease-fire to end it at the 30 minute mark. This is neither good or bad because depending on the game the time may be useful to have (for attacker)
Staff Sergeant
s_cm Wed Jun 29, 2022 12:47 pm
Snowing makes spotting challenging, so you better be careful with your units.
turn based H2H with CMBN, CMRT, CM Black Sea, CMSF2, CM Cold War. Game engine v4.
Guardsman Sun Dec 18, 2022 11:07 am
Big map, tough conditions. I dont think the germans have enough to win through against a good opponent as you also lose afvs to the snow/terrain, but do-able with better luck/tactics. The T34/85 can easily KO a Tiger at such short ranges so a tough ask.