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Fortress Grosshau - Combat Mission: Final Blitzkrieg

Fortress Grosshau Image
Combat Mission x2 Ladder

Fortress Grosshau

Allies 1 - 1 - 3 Axis
Rating: 8.21 (8)
Games Played: 5
SM: 6
Turns: 60
Type: Stock
First Side: Allies
Second Side: Axis
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Lond0ner's ProfileLond0ner Slightly Pro Allies 6
Guardsman's ProfileGuardsman Moderately Pro Allies 7
General Panic's ProfileGeneral Panic Slightly Pro Axis 7
flammenwerferX's ProfileflammenwerferX Well Balanced 9
patton1945's Profilepatton1945 Well Balanced 7
Gaming Records
1st Side Player 2nd Side Player Result Score
Axis cargol's Profile cargol vs. Bluebird Bluebird's Profile Allies Axis Minor Victory 48 24
Axis patton1945's Profile patton1945 vs. Panzer Lehr Panzer Lehr's Profile Allies Draw 36 36
Axis Bluebird's Profile Bluebird vs. Comdr Comdr's Profile Allies Axis Tactical Victory 54 18
Axis General Panic's Profile General Panic vs. flammenwerferX flammenwerferX's Profile Allies Axis Minor Victory 48 24
Axis Lond0ner's Profile Lond0ner vs. Guardsman Guardsman's Profile Allies Axis Total Defeat 6 66
Guardsman Sun May 14, 2017 7:44 pm
nice map, enjoyable fight but probably best for the US player
General Panic
Master Sergeant
General Panic Sun Feb 25, 2024 6:10 pm
I don't think the Allies needed all those TD's, but could have used a Sherman 105 support vehicle.
Rich, aka GeneralPanic
Private 1st Class
flammenwerferX Sun Feb 25, 2024 6:37 pm
Attack requires sound tactics, mistakes can be very costly….

No room to maneuver- but that’s the point.
Master Sergeant
patton1945 Wed Mar 06, 2024 8:02 pm
The scenario was fun and required a lot of planning for the German setup to minimize the Americans' ability to shoot at my troops. I used many keyhole positions to achieve this. The western woodline was very critical to my defense.