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(M) CMAK Quick Battle 5000 pts - Combat Mission: Afrika Korps

(M) CMAK Quick Battle 5000 pts Image
Combat Mission Ladder

(M) CMAK Quick Battle 5000 pts

Allies 238 - 148 - 226 Axis
Rating: 8.29 (82)
Games Played: 612
SM: 8
Turns: 1
Type: Custom
First Side: Allies
Second Side: Axis
Description yet to be entered
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
tailend bryan's Profiletailend bryan Well Balanced 9
tailend bryan's Profiletailend bryan Well Balanced 8
DevilThomas's ProfileDevilThomas Well Balanced 8
DevilThomas's ProfileDevilThomas Well Balanced 7
resigned's Profileresigned Well Balanced 9
Moving along the road, a sherman Platoon lost 3 on 4 in front of the Tigers. First, a try to move by the right wing but blocked by the field consistance and an ATk gun well situated(2 sherman destroyed). Second, moving a mecanised infantry platoon and a sherman one by the left wing, a better solution, good hills for a fire base and some hided ways to the objectives. A killing area was so created where the german tanks had no hope to survive. Last, light infantry and 2Tk killers finish to encircle the german position... Hallali was begun.
We were play testing the scenario D-Day +1 Spearhead.
This scenario is not for the weak computer. The Axis side has over 21,000pts, and the Allies over 18,000pts! Movie compilations required 18 minutes on a AMD 4600 x2 with 3gb of ddr and windows 7.
The map is beyond huge and hard to manage. It seemed tank shots were needing to account for the curvature of the earth. If I was to play it again I would only be focused on this one 60+ turn battle. With 21k of points you can only imagine the strain of command to keep focused over the entire battle. Less than 1% of the map has tree coverage making for troop and armor advancement tricky. If you have the time and patience the scenario is very rewarding.
Col. Falkenberg
This was actually 1940-1.0, which is not on the menu. It is very unusual in that there are extensive fortifications, followed by a forest battle.
field marshal e. rommel
kicked his ass