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Time Stood Still - Battle of Can Giuoc - Campaign Series Vietnam 1948-1967

Time Stood Still - Battle of Can Giuoc Image
Campaign Series x2 Ladder

Time Stood Still - Battle of Can Giuoc

By Jason Petho
US 0 - 0 - 1 N. Vietnam
Rating: 2.2 (1)
Games Played: 1
SM: 4
Turns: 30
Type: Stock
First Side: US
Second Side: N. Vietnam
Jason Petho
19 June, 1967
[Can Giuoc, Long An Province, South Vietnam]:

On 18 June the Mobile Riverine Force moved eight miles to a mobile riverine base anchorage at the junction of the Soi Rap and Vain Co Rivers in preparation for operations in the Can Giuoc District of eastern Long An Province. One battery of supporting 155-mm. self-propelled artillery was moved by LCU to the west bank of the Soi Rap River adjacent to the mobile riverine base at the confluence of the Soi Rap and Vam Co Rivers.

The Can Giuoc District was a VC stronghold in the Mekong Delta. Before entering Long An Province, the brigade commander briefed the battalion and company commanders on their new area of operations.

The battalions of the 2d Brigade had fought in Dinh Tuong and northern Kien Hoa Provinces where trees lined the banks of most streams and major canals. Although the soldiers were familiar with moving in the rice paddies near Dong Tam, they had seldom encountered such wide expanses of open paddy as existed in eastern Long An Province.

Can Giuoc District contained a good network of navigable waterways, permitting the assault craft to enter an area that intelligence reports indicated was used extensively by Viet Cong regional forces for rest and training.

The fact that the Mobile Riverine Force could move its afloat base permitted the establishment of a brigade base within three kilometers of a location that had been a remote Viet Cong base area enjoying considerable security.

The operation plan called for the deployment of five Companies of the 3rd and 4th Battalions, 47th Infantry into the operations area by assault craft and sweep south towards the ARVN 2nd Battalion, 46th Infantry blocking positions near the town of Ap Bac. C/3/47th Infantry would act as reserve.

Landing in the north, the operation proceeded along like clockwork, clearing hamlets and villages while dealing with the occasional sniper nest and boobytrap.
The clock stopped and chaos started when a company of the 4th Battalion ran into a line of bunkers occupied by the 5th Nha Be Viet Cong Battalion.

[ALL, NO VV] [CSEE, Variable Objectives] [1.00]
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