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The Long Night - Battle of LZ 27V - Campaign Series Vietnam 1948-1967

The Long Night - Battle of LZ 27V Image
Campaign Series x2 Ladder

The Long Night - Battle of LZ 27V

By Jason Petho
S. Korea 0 - 0 - 1 N. Vietnam
Rating: 5 (1)
Games Played: 1
SM: 2
Turns: 15
Type: Stock
First Side: S. Korea
Second Side: N. Vietnam
Jason Petho
9 August, 1966
[Plei Girao Kla, Pleiku Province, South Vietnam]: [SIDE A / H2H] [HIS] [CSL]:

Operation PAUL REVERE I was initiated on 10 May 1966, as a search-and-destroy/border surveillance operation in the Chu Pong Mountain area of Pleiku Province.

The operation was started by the 3d Brigade, 25th Division, and while the first two weeks were uneventful, the 2nd/35th Infantry encountered two PAVN battalions near Plei Djereng Camp, where a heavy engagement developed. After the intense firefight, the PAVN withdrew and the 3d Brigade spent the rest of June and July attempting to find them.

The South Korean 3rd Battalion, 1st Cavalry Regiment, part of the Capital Division, began participating in the operation on July 9th, under 3rd Brigades operational control, and conducted near-daily patrols without significant contact with the PAVN from its positions to the north of the Chu Pong Massif, immediately east of the hamlet of Plei Girao Kia, eight kilometers south of Ðuc Co.

On July 27th, the battalion's 9th Company was stationed at Landing Zone 27Victor, six kilometres from the border with Cambodia with an attached tank platoon from the U.S. 1st Battalion, 69th Armour.

Three listening posts were set up 200 meters beyond the perimeter before sunset and followed standard Korean procedures by placing half of the men inside the main position on alert.

After returning from a two-day mission on the Cambodian border, the 9th Company set up listening posts around the Landing Zone and prepared to rest for the evening. Unfortunately, the southwest listening post reported sounds of digging about an hour before midnight, followed by the tripping of a flare on the western side of the perimeter.

Predicting a forthcoming attack, the company commander called the listening posts into the main position.

It wasn't long before elements of the PAVN 5th Battalion, 88th Regiment began their probes against the South Korean position, starting an engagement that last five hours of sustained heavy fighting throughout the night.

[ALL, NO VV] [CSEE, Variable Objectives] [1.00]
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Bioman's ProfileBioman Moderately Pro N. Vietnam 5
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N. Vietnam Bioman's Profile Bioman vs. itlnprd itlnprd's Profile S. Korea N. Vietnam Major Victory 24 4
Bioman Mon Jul 04, 2022 8:38 pm
If the NVA get the LZ the game is over as the Allied reinforcements are too far away.