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Day Bataille 5 - Yen Cu Ha - Campaign Series Vietnam 1948-1967

Day Bataille 5 - Yen Cu Ha Image
Campaign Series x2 Ladder

Day Bataille 5 - Yen Cu Ha

By David Galster
France 1 - 0 - 0 N. Vietnam
Rating: 7.6 (1)
Games Played: 1
SM: 2
Turns: 15
Type: Stock
First Side: France
Second Side: N. Vietnam
David Galster
5 June 1951
[Yen Cu Ha, Indochina]:
[SIDE B / H2H] [HISB] [CSL]:

The post of Yen Cu Ha was a key anchor for the de Lattre Line in Ninh Binh Province. It had been manned by Catholic Militia and Hung Yen partisans, but was reinforced on 30 May by Commando 25 "Romary."

On the night of 4-5 June 1951, the Viet Minh 88th Regiment attacked. The position was bludgeoned for two hours with "SKZ" (Sung Khong Zat) Chinese recoilless guns, mortars, and white phosphorus (WP). Sappers undermined blockhouse walls with charges, and assaults overwhelm the position.

The post changed hands four times. Garrison survivors desperately melee in hand to hand, bayonet and knife, combat. As the handful of Commandos led by wounded Lt. MR try to hang on to the position, LSSL-6 landing ship appears on the river, firing machine guns. This throws the Viet Minh back.

And then, the 13th Company of the 7th Colonial Parachute Battalion offloads from LCMs and rescues the situation. Recapturing the post requires blasting the tower, where a Viet Minh company is trapped, and refusing to stop fighting.

Finally, 55 Viet Minh holdouts surrender. The Colonial paratroopers take control of the post, and prepare for new assaults in the coming evening.

[ALL: NO ECAS: NO VV] [CSEE] [1.00]
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vendetta's Profilevendetta Slightly Pro France 7
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N. Vietnam vendetta's Profile vendetta vs. Outlaw Josey Wales Outlaw Josey Wales's Profile France N. Vietnam Major Defeat 4 24
vendetta Frid Jun 24, 2022 11:42 pm
River craft have a lot to say about the outcome of the battle