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turretlord vs. Dux Aetius

turretlord Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:08 pm
US had a major Vict until the last few turns, the Geoff took control.

Not a bad scenario and probably could go either way.
Dux Aetius
Dux Aetius Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:47 pm
US had clobbered the Cuban security company with airstrikes, causing their already low morale to plummet. The Cuban formations lost many men and most groups got pinned down, allowing the Americans to hammer them further with converging fire and more air. Poor placement of the Cuban leaders by me meant many of my men got pinned and didn't budge for most of the game.

Then Americans scored an early kill on the Cuban APC, eliminating a grave threat to the lightly armed Yanks.

However, casualties were telling on Seal Team 6 and this didn't give them much in terms of reserves to plug any successful assaults. The Cubans' lucky break came in turn 10, when the US was unable to stop a Cuban assault on the governor's house (worth 15 VP and also the location of the phone for calling airstrikes). While Seal Team 6 was able to mount a successful counterattack, this meant stripping several other buildings of their men.

The Cubans were able to collect enough men to then take three buildings in succession, leaving one strongpoint to Seal Team 6 and finishing the game.

I honestly thought I didn't have a chance around turn 8/12 as most of my formations were badly busted up, being pinned or worse. Well played, turretlord!
I AM DEATH, NOT TAXES. I TURN UP ONLY ONCE. [Death, Discworld] Dux Flavius Aetius )'(
turretlord Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:28 pm
Excellent AAR and well played game. I was SHOCKED, SHOCKED with that assault. 91cc6a4164hurray[1].gif I did not expect a successful assault on either point. It was critical to take the 15 point back, but in the end, it might have been better to keep troops in the other obj's.