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Warrant Officer
devoncop Sat Feb 10, 2024 3:29 pm
An efficient and devastating demolition of the Italian forces in the west,along with those on the northern and southern coasts was followed by the Axis attempting to hold the Semento river line west of Catania.

When this was overrun and outflanked around the north of Mt Etna by American troops about turn 150 the Germans pulled back into two defensive around the supply centres of Catania and Messina.

The last 200 turns were slow attritional attacks against these two positions isolated from each other. By the end of the game Catania city had less than 200 men holding it in a single hex of whome 70 were HQ staff !

A brutal draw with over 60,000 men lost by the allies and nearly 70,000 Axis losses.
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