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naughtkris vs. Cupressus

First Sergeant
naughtkris Thu Jan 18, 2024 9:06 pm
The Christmas War: A meeting engagement between Nato and the Soviets during Christmas. The winner would bring their own brand of toys to the German children.

Had a blast. The german village was in a north south valley with a natural trench network along the western edge. I engaged with two companies of M113 mounted infantry, plus some assorted ATGM veh and ground tows. To escort them into battle was a fresh off the assembly line M1 Abrams. My lone tank took overwatch on the hill, but a BMP1(2?) surprised it with an ATGM and blew the commander's head off, along with the top mount MG. Dismounted infantry was sent into the forest and trench of the town, while two platoons each went far North and Far South with their m113s. I kept a half platoon of M113+mounts hidden in back as a reserve force. My nightmare made real, waves upon waves of t-62s, BMP1s, BMP2s and other assorted units including some Shilkas came rolling over the hill and into the village from two entry points. The Soviets had firm control of the north and south of the town, but my dismounted infantry had a tentative hold of the middle. The M1 tried to kill what targets it could but so many made it through. Then the soviet platoon of 120mm mortars started raining death on my poor troops. My dismounted middle force was crushed under the shells and mowed down by all the AK47s now placed in the town. Luckily the Btln CO double checked his map and some some TRPs doodled on the map. Calling in some favours, several minutes later he had some big gun howies sprinkled in with several batteries of 120mm mortars raining gifts upon the town with a jolly ho-ho-ho. I then started with a left hook, setting up some Tows on high ground and moving the mounted troops in. The north side fight was a blood bath- much NATO losses. Eventually, I moved the M1 to the north and used its speed to get behind the town, giving angle to take out several enemy vics. I then started my right hook. I took high ground and rained rifle grenades like a hail storm. My M1 then traveled along the enemy back of the town and took out several more vics, but was beaten like a red headed stepchild. A sneeze would have broken the tracks, so the M1 had to limp away in reverse and then take a jolly run down through the enemy deployment zone. So many trucks, so many Mortars. The enemy did a very good job of two last stands, keeping me busy in the north while he prepared his south. By the end of the day though, I was fast moving my North troops to flank his south. His shilkas did a lot of damage but eventually the enemy figured it would was better dead than red.