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Chosen Man vs. gunjones

Private 1st Class
gunjones Wed Aug 04, 2021 2:51 pm
As I told Jim, if old Nap ended up Austerlitz with a major victory like this, we today would be remembering not the SUN of Austerlitz but the FOG instead. While it is true he quite clobbered me, and has a knack -- almost magic -- for trashing my artillery, the losses otherwise were fairly comparable, except that he had about a third advantage over me in my cavalry losses. But this said the ALlies held the field well by game's end. The French didn't come any where near to getting on Pratzen Heights, while meanwhile the Austrians and Russians took handily and held Sokolnitz castle and Sokolnitz itself. Personally, and despite the game numbers, I feel this was really a draw, but and of course -- oh well!