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scrappie vs. weapon2010

Private 1st Class
scrappie Wed Sep 23, 2020 2:24 am
I commanded the British forces trying to take a hill defended by the Germans.
Weapon2010 set his defence to the rear of the AO on the plateau on top of the hill which allowed me to take the first 2 objectives with little resistance.
He had a force of 4 tanks (3 Panzer IVs & 1 Tiger) waiting for me to crest the hill, but my scouts were able to get intel on their location. This allowed my force of 8 tanks to take out all his armour for the loss of 1 tank and a 2nd immobilised. After that it was largely a matter of mopping up, although my opponent had large amounts of artillery support that caused most of my casualties. I managed to eliminate or capture all his troops resulting in a Total Victory.
Thanks to weapon2010 for an enjoyable pair of games (he achieved a Tactical Victory in the mirrored game).