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JuanModesto vs. Virietor

Wed Apr 15, 2020 11:18 pm
Black Powder Ladder
JuanModesto's avatar French (Nap) JuanModesto
French (Nap) Minor Win Virietor Allies (NAP_WPW) Virietor's avatar
JuanModesto Wed Apr 15, 2020 11:18 pm
The game was exhilarating for me till the last minute, with battle fortunes coming up and down continously. A rushed probe, a la forlorn hope, across the bridge was deadly repulsed by Spanish artillery. I paid dearly to underestimate the Spaniards. Then a Spanish relief army came out of the trees on the road to Caspe. I had sent a division to outflank Alcañiz from the other side of the Guadalope river (I had to attack across the bridge despite its difficulty to conceal this maneuver) but I knew it would take them a while to get here, so as the coming relief army size growed and growed my future was getting darker and darker. My priority then became to prepare me for the incoming attack. My batallions, taking advantage from terrain and soported by some artillery and cavalry performed well. Not only repulsed the attack, almost the entire relief army crumbled and was running away. I was tempted to pursue them, but I knew my objective was Alcañiz and refrained. But to my astonishment, the relief army recovered and began to threat my lines again and I desperatly needed some time for my flanking division to arrive. They appeared as the relief army resumed its attack. So the battle made a swift switch. In Alcañiz my outflank maneuver surprised it defenders, suddenly threaten by a brigade which was approaching them from behind, from Alcañiz's weaker flank, disrupting his hitherto impregnable defensive positions. To make things worse, they run out of artillery ammunition, so the garison of Alcañiz rushed for a last ditch of resistance in the Calatravo's castle that crowns the city, allowing my troops on the other side of the river to cross the bridge and pour into the city. But the bridge had been bombarded and could not stand artillery nor supplies and the situation on the other side of the bridge was becoming very critical. A daring and unexpected charge of the Spanish cavalry surprised me and overruned my foot artillery on a position that was the key of my defensive deployment. My cavalry, already heavily punished in the counterattack that drove out the first Spanish wave, was able to repulse the Spanish cavalrymen, but the artillery was already lost and the Spanish infantry was attacking along the whole front. To make things worse, a "partida" of Spanish "bandoleros" was harassing my back, plundering supplies. I have sent my Polish lancers to drive them out and they routed. But surprisingly after some time they recovered and came back.
An exciting battle. And it is my enemy (and friend) Virietor who deserves the merit for this very pleasant experience.
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