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East Front III
02-10-2024, 01:16 AM,
East Front III
Forgive my ignorance but I find it fairly difficult to conceptualise all of the different strands of the Campaign Series and how they match up.

I understand that Vietnam and Middle East have been updated to the new standard. 

There seems to be differing information on the East Front title getting the same treatment. This forum includes "East Front III" in the description, however other posts I have seen over on the Matrix forum suggests that there is actually a Cold War title coming first.

Again, confusingly, there is mention on the CSLegion website that East Front III is coming and was worked on in 2018.

I am an interested party in that my primary interest is in WW2 titles, particularly the early Blitzkrieg battles, so I am hoping for some good news!

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02-10-2024, 01:25 AM,
RE: East Front III
East Front III will follow Cold War. 

No release date yet for Cold War, but working on it!
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06-16-2024, 09:36 PM,
RE: East Front III
I realise our website has not been updated for a while regarding the future game titles and their home pages. Sorry about that. I put in a few lines to have the status better described there.
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