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Campaign Series Vietnam - YouTube
02-12-2024, 09:37 AM,
RE: Campaign Series Vietnam - YouTube
After an overview of what I have been currently working on, including a new unit, we jumped back into the Battle of Pleiku during the Tet offensive and started our counterattack. It seemed to be going well in most places although my ARVN Cavalry Squadron, supported by US tanks, seems have to stalled in the outskirts of Pleiku. The PAVN are dug in and it's a challenge to get into the part of town they are occupying, especially as I see VC companies en route to assist in the attack. On the other hand, the ARVN Rangers are making short work of any VC they find as they advance into town.

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02-19-2024, 09:40 AM,
RE: Campaign Series Vietnam - YouTube
I took some time to explain how to MOD the latest MAUSMAN MOD, it's super straight forward and simple, so you can customize it how you want. That's the advantage of the Campaign Series, it's all so relatively easy to modify. After, we finished off the first test and started the second. Some new errors, but nothing crazy until later on. I did spend some time with Stipe after the session hunting it down though. Otherwise, it was fascinating to see how the new attacks were carried out by the Viet Cong during the second session, the way the options are coded always makes for an interesting attack. It was even more interesting to see the new covert civilians operating in the area.

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