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JTS Updates?
09-28-2020, 02:03 AM,
JTS Updates?
I own many other Napoleon, Civil War. and Panzer Campaigns JTS titles with adequate updates made since HPS days that I purchased.

My question is for Squad Battles. If say HPS updated Tour of Duty for example to ver. 106 and JTS has it updated to ver.108 does that mean the JTS version of game just continued from the HPS 106 ver?

Reason being is I have several Squad Battles from HPS and see no reason to re-purchase again from JTS since there really hasn't been substantial updates for the ones I checked from the HPS update days.
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09-28-2020, 11:18 PM,
RE: JTS Updates?
You will find the answer to your question on page 2 of this forum, near the top " updating HPS games ".
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