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WargameDesignStudio - 2019 End of Year Update
11-19-2019, 07:53 AM,
RE: WargameDesignStudio - 2019 End of Year Update
I dont find pre 80s boring, for example one set in inmediate postwar... using PzC engine with germans in allied side (enemy of my enemy is my friend... for now) is a great option.

More into MC engine 50-60s sounds attractive to, maybe 70s are more in the middle soviets with advantage in 50-60s and NATO buffing in 80s.

A title set in 2-3 weeks of war could be set in 2 variants, one with no nukes-chems and other with both used... a clean battlefield VS a dirty battlefield.

I allways find MC not very balanced towards NATO even when fight on their own terrain and where win means survive, the quality is very close between main NATO armies and WP... maybe is the limitation in a game where "soft" combat values are a single letter, we have training+morale mixed i a single value and instead use a % we only have 7 levels.

I allways prefer give more troops to WP (see a lot earlier 2nd line divisions) but introduce D quality as core value to give more value to C quality units and buff more NATO units to B level being C the "lower quality" troops

Anyway looks like no more MC titles are on the way, other series are going to see new titles and its good... maybe sometime MC could returns, who knows.
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