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Odd issue Budapest 45 - Printable Version

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Odd issue Budapest 45 - devoncop - 12-02-2023


Not sure if anyone can help to explain something.

I am playing the opening moves of Budapest 45 and when the artillery dialogue pops up showing potential targets for the German long range guns in Budapest, as well as seeing Soviet infantry who are in sight of Axis units I am getting a couple of unidentified units in the middle of the forest to target up to 25 km from Budapest with no Axis units anywhere near.

My opponent has understandably wondered why his parked up Soviet artillery is getting blasted in the middle of its picnic :-)

Any ideas why I can do this ?

RE: Odd issue Budapest 45 - Liebchen - 12-03-2023

Artillery can be spotted by triangulation, leading to counter-battery fire.

RE: Odd issue Budapest 45 - devoncop - 12-03-2023

That is really helpful thank you.

My opponent will be relieved to know that my Axis forces have not discovered satellite or drone guided artillery strikes in 1945 . 😂