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Kharkov '42 - #27 One Piece at a Time (solo) - Printable Version

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Kharkov '42 - #27 One Piece at a Time (solo) - zovs66 - 02-01-2023

Using this mini-AAR to selfishly highlight my Zovs-Mods package.  Big Grin  Chair Hide   Helmet Wink Big Laugh

Kharkov '42

New splash screen (shameless plug):

[Image: v4ebzYw.png]

#27 One Piece at a Time

I'll give this small 18 turn scenario a go with my new mods. From the scenario description.

Date: May 24th, 1942  -  Size: Small-Medium  -  Location: 40km E of Krasnograd

Scenario Briefing: The German commanders knew exactly what to do, they had done it before, in the not too distant past, but could they do it again? They had to cut the main pocket into smaller pieces and then destroy them one piece at a time. So, the 23rd Panzer Division was on the move again, to the west, to try to chop off another piece. The Russian units trying to defend the northern sector were in for a surprise! 

At start dispositions (zoomed out on 2D large):
[Image: vhzbFnq.png]

I am in charge of the VIII Corps, and start off with four divisions, from left to right; 62nd Infantry Division (fixed), 108th Hungarian Infantry Division (fixed), 44th Infantry Division, and the 23rd Panzer Division.

Divisions positions:
[Image: B08xzle.jpg]

Direct link:

My basic plan is to send both the 44th ID and 23rd PzD towards the three 50 VP objectives and to destroy as many Soviets as possible. Can't be any simpler then that right? What could go wrong?

RE: Kharkov '42 - #27 One Piece at a Time (solo) - zovs66 - 02-01-2023

Beginning with the 44th ID and the 190th IR. I moved I battalion's 1 and 2 Infantry Companies down across the river towards Nizhne Russkiy Bishkin. As I moved the 3 Company towards its sister companies I stumbled upon some Russians in improved positions but took no fire.

Movement for I Battalion, 190th IR/44 ID.

[Image: PpjYRcd.png]

Likewise I moved 5, 7 and 9 Infantry Companies of the II Battalion, 190th IR, towards the other Russian IP, suffering 9 men lost in getting into positions.

Movement for II Battalion, 190th IR/44 ID.

[Image: Sfk1rXG.png]

Right now the III Battalion is out of command range, so I'll get back to it.

Trying to be 'slick', I used the 3/23rd Krad to recon a way through the Russian lines and in Travel mode, it cost me 28 men for that mishap! Down to 87 men left in the unit and its fatigue is 107, so going to pull back the Krad.

Krad not so glad.

[Image: QqpImgx.png]

Time to send in the Infantry, moving the 9 and 11 Companies from III Battalion, 190 IR/44 ID, forward to clear the road of the pesky Russians and leaving the 23rd Panzer in reserve, I have 18 turns and most of these units have 10 to 40 fatigue at start.

Movement for III Battalion, 190th IR/44 ID.

[Image: vl4x7EF.png]

Using the 23rd Pz artillery I was able to disrupt the Russian unit that caused 28 men losses to the Krad unit. This allowed me to move forward in hopes of removing the unit next turn or two.

So moved the rest of 23rd Panzer forward. Here is the final end of turn positions.

[Image: W2ahHcv.jpg]

Direct link:

End of German turn losses.
[Image: yBRlKsL.png]

RE: Kharkov '42 - #27 One Piece at a Time (solo) - zovs66 - 02-01-2023

Start of turn 2. I recovered some losses but the Soviets (I am going to call the AI, well I'll just call him Ivan for now) abandoned Nizhne Russkiy Biskin for some reason. During Ivan's turn I did see a Guards Recon unit approach and then scanter off.

Start of turn 2 stats and positions.

[Image: wbXMVM6.jpg]

Direct link:

As you can see the Russians lost a further 113 men and I lost 48 more men during his counterattacks.

End of turn 2 positions. The two circled pink areas were assaulted and taken by the 23rd Panzer.

[Image: EVUBZWp.jpg]

Direct link:


Losses for German turn 2 were a further 245 for the Russians and 102 Germans plus an Armored Car.

RE: Kharkov '42 - #27 One Piece at a Time (solo) - zovs66 - 02-01-2023

Start of turn 3.

The Russians seem to want to go after the 109th HQ and I also see a Russian Guard Tank unit approaching.

[Image: vSpiYRv.jpg]

Losses continue to climb.

End of turn 3 position and losses.

[Image: GSDH6lV.jpg]

Direct link: