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Team Game? - Printable Version

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RE: Team Game? - Jeff Conner - 06-07-2012

When I was working on Falklands, I had a scenario in mind that would combine the three British battalion attacks into one Brigade sized scenario. I am not a fan of large scenarios and as I was running out of time, I didn't get it started. But thinking about it as a team game scenario, it is definitly worth doing. I'll get right on it when I can find the time.

RE: Team Game? - jomni - 06-12-2012

I'd love to join a team game. Anything being proposed at the moment?

RE: Team Game? - grofaz - 06-12-2012


HPS Boy's Choir...LOL!

RE: Team Game? - TheBigRedOne - 08-09-2012

Since we are starting a second team game. How is the progress on this one going?

RE: Team Game? - Jeff Conner - 08-10-2012

I believe we are on turn 18 or so out of 30. The Germans got clobbered reaching the first line of defenses, but managed to rout the Russians out of their initial positions. At one time the score was -280 with -50 being a German Major Loss. The Germans are now advancing on large value objectives towards the rear of the Russians, but it is questionable on if they have enough strength to take and hold them against the Russian counterattack. The current score is in the area of -90 points or so.

While there have been a few hiccups in play, the game has progressed fairly well and I think everyone is having a good time.


RE: Team Game? - Compass Rose - 08-10-2012

I know I am having alot of fun! Military2

For me, our team game makes it even more enjoyable than a "regular" one on one PBEM game because you actually need to talk with the other players on your side to create a plan, which is always having to be revised based on the enemy's movement.

With the right committed players, it can be alot of fun! Helmet Smile

RE: Team Game? - grofaz - 08-10-2012

Who are you CR?

RE: Team Game? - Compass Rose - 08-10-2012

(08-10-2012, 01:18 AM)grofaz Wrote: Who are you CR?

I am one of your opponents playing on the Russian side. I use to control the left and center front-line Russian positions on the game map until you and your "partners" over ran my positions several turns ago! As of my last turn, I had 3-4 men left. Lucky for me one of them is Audie Murphy and the other is John Wayne! Mex Big Grin

RE: Team Game? - grofaz - 08-10-2012

Kampgruppe Grofaz the right flank as you look at the screen. ;-)

RE: Team Game? - Richie61 - 08-10-2012

I am one of the German players & I am truly enjoying this team game!
We too have been discussing were & what to do each turn. I am the weak
link of our team compared to Jeff & Jose , but I getting "on the job training"! Salute2