Full Version: Fixes/mods for WW1
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Here is the thread for any mods or fixes for the WW1 game.

Bases-These are a redone bases/flags done by Gary Collins, aka XLVIII Pz. Korp! Thanks Gary, these are awesome! Unzip into mods folder and use JSGME.
Alternate Bases

WW1 Update#1-WW1 Fix#1
1)Fixed an error in $Corps in the UK Corps oob for a wrong date 74th Yeomanry Division
2)Fixed the NewCamp.bmp to more WW1 like look.
3)Fixed Tro-terrain 3d.bmp, was using caves instead of kunai grass.
4)Fixed Tro-extendedinfobox.bmp to be a WW1 type look.
Got the bases thanks. And good to go.  I have his bases for WWII downloaded could not figure out how to put them in JSGME CS E/W front. He had so many with a restriction on using Russian with Germans.
Good to hear, with EF/WF, you have to have them in a folder under John Tillers Campaign Series/Mods, not sure how he has them set up for JSGME, or even if he does? If not, EF ones you would want to make a new folder in John Tillers Campaign Series/Mods label it EF-new bases or whatever. Then, make another folder inside THAT folder called East Front, dump the bases into that, do the same for WF, should do the trick!