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#411123_05: Totensonntag (Sunday of the Dead) - North Africa 1941

#411123_05: Totensonntag (Sunday of the Dead) Image
Panzer Battles Ladder

#411123_05: Totensonntag (Sunday of the Dead)

By Rick Bancroft
Axis (NA41) 1 - 0 - 4 Allied (NA41)
Rating: 6.97 (3)
Games Played: 5
SM: 2
Turns: 12
Type: Stock
First Side: Axis (NA41)
Second Side: Allied (NA41)
South of Side Rezegh: November 23rd, 1941. (Scenario Size: Corps. Head to Head or Axis Human vs. Allied AI). November 23rd was known to the Germans as Totensonntag, or Sunday of the Dead. This bloody day of fighting during Operation Crusader led to the the fighting being known by this name. During the fighting the prior day, the German forces had finally pushed the British armored forces south, away from Sidi Rezegh and the push by the Tobruk garrison to meet them nearby. On this day, the Axis plan was to attack the Commonwealth troops, consisting of the 7th Armoured Division plus a South African brigade, from the south with their panzers and the Italian Ariete division, pushing them against the infantry forces in the Sidi Rezegh area. Their tank strength was greater than the remaining 7th Armoured tank strength by this time, giving them an advantage in tank fighting, at least. The Commonwealth forces were deployed to defend, with a large quantity of artillery to provide support to the relatively fresh 5th South African Brigade and the remnants of the 7th Armoured Division. The British tanks had suffered heavily by this point in the battle, and as a final blow, their strongest brigade's headquarters and some tanks had been trapped in laager and captured, crippling that brigade for the day's fighting. The result was a disaster for the 8th Army, but the Germans also suffered heavy tank losses on the day due primarily to 25 pounder direct fire.
Player Voting Stats
Member Balance Enjoyment
Green's ProfileGreen Moderately Pro Allied (NA41) 7
Geier's ProfileGeier Moderately Pro Allied (NA41) 6
Ironwulf's ProfileIronwulf Well Balanced 10