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Fun with the ASL Mod.
01-14-2022, 06:47 PM,
Fun with the ASL Mod.
I have experimented with some small changes to the very nice ASL MOD.

For use in RV or AOTR-I have tried these 2 myself, probably work for all of the SB series.
I used as a base the AOTR version of ASL Mod shared on Task Force Echo 4;
only using Map Folder, and only terrain files in here not unit/vehicle/hvyweapon/weapon/misc/guns files;
This basically adds only all the nice Terrain Files but not the Unit and Vehicle graphics for either the Map Screen or the Unit Info Box.
I edited
to basically make Infantry Symbols for leader,pinned,hvy weapons,etc normal like asterisk,P,H next to infantry. Also changed the 'to ground' on screen symbol as well to make more normal.
and      2DNormal100
to basically make the colours to my eye less garish in contrast and more the shades I liked .I changed the 3rd to 9th rows of this file with colours picked from Board Game Map scan colours.I used map scans of both an ASL Map and also from a Combat Commander Map as well. They are my 2 favourite Board Game Map Series for this scale of Battle.

Can I share my 2 edited files and users if they like may download and edit the original file by following my directions if they wish to see if they like the amalgam?

Alternatively my directions even without the edits I have done works well by themselves, I was playing the WW2 Mod (which uses very nice top down unit graphics) using just this setup (ie sans my edits) and was having a lot of fun with it. Reason I wanted to edit was because if I use non top down infantry unit graphics (ie faces) in say AOTR vanilla, then the leader graphic from ASL mod obscures the Face Picture and does not really look right ; and I wanted to have a go changing the terrain colours as well for a bit of fun.

Few screenies to look at-
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01-16-2022, 10:25 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-16-2022, 02:34 PM by Barly.)
RE: Fun with the ASL Mod.
My 2 file edits are here,

If you would like to use them then just replace the 2 original files with mine in the ASL mod folder in the Map sub folder.

Maybe someone can give some feedback as to whether they like the idea I have come up with by selectively only using some elements of the ASL Mod ,whether using my file edits or without. They are both interesting options I think.

Another download location,
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01-17-2022, 01:39 PM,
RE: Fun with the ASL Mod.
Thanks for sharing! I never played ASL and I don't have the mod but I really like the clean look.
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01-18-2022, 09:28 AM,
RE: Fun with the ASL Mod.
Thanks for the reply.
The Map Colours definitely make elevations very easy to see on the map.
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