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SMGs: Lethality vs Range
10-18-2020, 09:14 PM,
zicon 2  SMGs: Lethality vs Range

I have a question about the Lethality calculation for SMGs versus Range.

For the most of weapons, the calculation rules are very simple ("Range Effect" Section on page 36 of the User Manual), for example for a standard bolt action rifle with Leth=7 and Range=10:
Range=1 | Lethality=14;
Range=[2...5] | Lethality=7;
Range=[6...10] | Lethality=3.

But it is becoming a bit strange for SMGs with the Range of 2 or 3. In that case they will never use the "basic" Lethality value, right?

For example, if we take Suomi with Lethality=24 and Range=3:
Range=1 | Lethality = 48;
Range=[2...3] | Lethality = 12.

Am I right with the calcs here? So, does it mean that the most of SMGs are basically assault and "point-blank" weapons (which is historically correct)?
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10-19-2020, 06:53 AM,
RE: SMGs: Lethality vs Range
Well, as you suggest, this is probably historically and realism correct. Given hex distances of 40 meters, it makes sense that the effective lethality of these weapons would fall off dramatically over 1 hex. And again, it makes sense that they are basically best at adjacent range. Which is why I always use the "Hold Fire" toggle for these weapons until the range is that close.
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10-19-2020, 09:08 PM,
RE: SMGs: Lethality vs Range
I think you are correct and I also don't see any problem here. SMGs are good point blank weapons (fire at adjacent hexes, lethality *2) and good assault weapons (find the weapons' assault values under F3/Weapon Data, scroll down).

Holding the fire at longer ranges is definitively a good idea as it allows your SMG troops to stay concealed and thus have a smaller chance (50%) of getting hit by fire directed at their hex.
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