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New Campaign Game for Rzhev '42 Gold
10-09-2019, 04:16 PM,
New Campaign Game for Rzhev '42 Gold
Hi everyone,

I'm excited to provide some additional free content for the Rzhev '42 Gold title.

César Librán Moreno (“Indragnir”  here at The Blitz) has been building additional content for Panzer Campaigns for many years. We included his work in a number of the Gold releases with examples in Kharkov '42, Korsun '44  and Salerno '43.

César has now completed his work on a new campaign for Rzhev '42. This includes a lot of new information that has come out over the years as well as further learnings from the release of subsequent PzC games.

The new scenario is an all new campaign scenario called #1125_01_Variant1_Op_Mars_Campaign.

You can read the campaign design notes here; Design Notes

And get the full package including artwork from here; Rzhev '42 Variant 1 Campaign

For installation, just unzip the files into your current Rzhev '42 Gold directory.

I have also spoken to Jison of Mapmod fame and he will provide an update of his Rzhev '42 package to include the 20 new images that were required for this mod.

Please feel free to provide any feedback in this thread.

David & César
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